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For computer science people, A question about Web development and software engineering?

Each seem like a good field but I think I always planned to be a software developer. May not come to be as I can't predict the future.

Anyway, if I learned front end development on my own and start a little bit of freelancing on the side, then maybe become a full time front end developer, could that open up software development for me? I guess I'm asking if they are the same thing, could I use the web dev experience for software application dev?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Yes and no. There are many similarities between the 2 but software application development is much more complex process. It will definitely make things easier. It s really up to you, if you going for a freelancer software developer then go for it. But other companies find every reason not to employ you if you don t have major experience, reputation or the diplomas. I have formal training in computer programming and the diploma but cannot find a job and learned web development be myself. Now I run my own company web developing websites and software programs. The software development is where the money is made. It s mostly programs for other companies to help their processes. Last program I built was a touch screen Point of Sale customized for that particular company. They wanted client birthday alerts, product alerts, appointment book which is accessible on the net (Web experience helped here). So if you going on our own there s money to be made as small business don t wont to paid a lot of money for software. But other companies will probably not employ you at their software development company.

    • Chris5 years agoReport

      Thank you.

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