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Homemade baby food- feeding and storing?

I have a 5 month old and I was eating a banana the other day and he was watching me eat so I took a piece and mashed it up and added a little breast milk from the fridge and he really was excited about it. His mouth was open and looking for more between bites. Can I take that as a sign he's ready to start solids? I planned on offering a small amount only after he nurses, I know food is just for fun the first year I just wanted to see if it would be better to hold off to 6 months? What I have read says 6 months or when they develop an interest so I thought I'd get some opinions.

My second question is I made some baby food (I got a baby food maker as a gift and was excited to see if it worked) and put it in freezer bags and froze it. I was wondering how long it lasts in the freezer.

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    If he ate bananas, tolerated them, and seems interested - I see no point in holding off another month. I suggest getting small plastic containers or ice cube trays with lids (that are BPA free) and freeze those instead. I don't think freezer bags would be practical for serving. Breastmilk lasts 12 months in a freezer, but I am unsure how long each individual item would last. I freeze bananas for smoothies and keep them frozen for 6 months with no issues.

    I'd stick to vegetables for the most part. They can begin to only want sweets if you stick with those first.

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  • Anonymous
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    Google baby led weaning. Around 6-7 months you don't even need to purée that banana.

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    Ask your doc

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