How do I set up my turntable?

I have a technics sl-b200. Though it might not be the best out there , but its good enough for me. What do I need to make sound? Like pre-amps and receivers and stuff? I Just got into collecting records, so excuse me for not knowing a lot.

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Sorry my turntable is SL-BD20

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    Well you are excused for not knowing a lot but there is no excuse for not looking this stuff up. There are vast reams of information on the web.

    But if you need to be spoon fed; you buy a stereo receiver. Like this:

    If it has a phono preamp, good. Plug your turntable into the RCA jacks on the back labeled "PHONO." Never plug anything else into these. There is a good reason for this and this answer is going to be long enough without getting into that.

    If it doesn't have a phono input you need to buy a special, stand alone, preamp. Like this:

    Do a Google shopping search for cheaper ones. Some are as cheap as $25.

    Plug the preamp into the phono input on the receiver and plug the turntable into the input of the preamp.

    Next buy some speakers. Not computer speakers and not those little plastic box speakers used with digital players - "Pill speakers" - buy decent speakers otherwise you will have wasted your money on a turntable and receiver. Your records will not sound any better then an iPod. Buy "passive" speakers like this:

    Buy speaker wire. Not "zip cord" buy wire of a decent size - 14 or 16 gauge. Thin, cheap wire can actually create an audible difference. Something like this is desirable:

    Cut the wire and strip the ends. A wire stripping tool can be bought for a few dollars at a hardware or home improvement store. Make sure you keep the polarity correct - the red and black connectors on the receiver need to go to the same color ones on the speakers or else you will loose all the bass frequencies. It isn't hard to do, the wire should either have one set of conductors of a different color (tinned) or there should be a distinct rib on one side of the plastic jacket insulation. Be fastidious. Don't let any of the wires touch.

    If you decided to buy exactly what I have shown and set it up correctly, you would have a pretty darn good system - I dare say high fidelity.

    Also, that Needledoctor site has a lot of accessories for the turntable. You should invest in a good record cleaner and some anti - static sleeves. is another good vendor

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      Thank you very much! Very informative!

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  • 5 years ago

    You need a stereo receiver with a phono input - pretty easy.

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