What the check happened to Luffy at Marineford after Ace died?

I really just want an answer on this.

I've read past mariners abd only have like forty chapters left until I'm completely fought up so please just answer this question.

All I remember about it is Iva saying something like his mind collapsed and it was a means of protecting himself or something like that.

So please, all you one piece fans out there please answer. BYE !

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    Okay so think about this, Luffy's brother just died protecting him. If you've ever seen School- LIVE!, it's a little bit like that. Luffy was so exhausted from fighting, after all he went to hell and back for his brother and now he's dead.

    Luffy kinda shut down mentally in order to protect himself from the shock and sadness.

    Like, he's NEVER going to see Ace again. All this fighting and what was it for? To have Ace die for him. He'll never wake up now knowing that Ace is out there somewhere.

    Luffy tried to deny it, he wanted Ace to still be alive. But he had to come to terms with his brother's death, and it was very painful for him to do so.

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      Later, Luffy meets Sabo, his other brother.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Law patch Luffy back up.

    (Long Flash Back. Luffy has another brother)

    Luffy woke up and saw his wounds and realize it wasn't a dream. Ace is dead. He smashed himself around in Amazon Lily's forest, hurting himself even more, denying that Ace was dead. Jimbi help Luffy to come to his senses and made him realize that even though Ace is gone, he still has his crew. Rayleigh shows up at Amazon Lily and tells Luffy he is going to train Luffy on how to use his Haki. Realize Luffy wasn't strong enough for the New World, Luffy agrees to it. Luffy, Jimbi, Rayleigh returns to Marineford to morn for Ace and the people who died there and also send a message to his friend. Do not meet up in 3 days, meet up in 2 years. And so Luffy and Straw Hat crew train for two years. Time skip, two years later, they are older and stronger and there is a Fat Luffy walking around.

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