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Agree or Disagree? When Obama approved the Iran Nuclear deal Obama was only thinking about hurting Israel Obama didn't even think?

about the damage it would do to the USA

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    Iran announces that under the fatwa (decree) issued by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, its long-established policy is to oppose acquisition, production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons, the statement pointed out.

    Foreign Policy

    (Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)

    While maintaining independence, we shall have friendly relations with all


    o We are on friendly terms with all nations, and if governments behave

    respectfully, we shall reciprocate in kind.

    o The foreign policy of Iran is based on mutual respect with all governments

    without discriminating among them.

    o We shall behave with respect toward all governments provided they do not

    interfere in our internal affairs and treat us with mutual respect.

    o We should have relations with foreign countries which do not mean to

    swallow us. Relations with those who seek to subordinate us through

    relations are not required and these must be dealt with caution.

    o We are on the side of the oppressed. We support the oppressed regardless

    of the pole they are in.

    o We have the duty of saving the oppressed and the deprived people.

    o It is an Islamic duty incumbent on all Muslims to help anyone who is


    o We have a duty to support the oppressed and be inimical to the oppressors.

    o We are opposed to any deal that damages the interests of the Muslims.

    o When we serve the nation, the nation will support us and then the

    foreigners' greed ceases.

    o We are not opposed to nations; we oppose oppressive governments

    whether they oppress us or our Muslim brothers.

    o We are not prepared to let a government use economic exchanges as levers

    for political influence and imposition of its imperialist designs.

    o World conditions no longer admit a few to be "masters" and all others to

    be "slaves".

    o Just as we do not accept oppression in our relations with other countries.

    we do not oppress others either.

    o Relationship between a nation that has risen up to free itself from the

    clutches of international pilferers and a world-devourer is always in the

    interest of the pilferer and disadvantageous to the oppressed.

    o We oppose any country, whether Eastern or Western, that wants to

    oppress others.

    o Today the only non-aligned country is Iran. You cannot find another

    country that is "non-aligned" in the real sense.

    o Destroy anyone in any position who may want to compromise with the

    East or the West; dive him away as ruthlessly as you can.

    o Defending Islam and the Hizbullah [Party of Allah] is an unimpeachable

    principle of the policy of the Islamic Republic.

    o We cannot separate our own account from that of other Muslims. o Care for the affairs of Muslims is the most necessary duty.

    o Tending to the affairs of Muslims is a very important religious duty.

    o We hope that the Muslim nations will overcome colonialism in the near

    future; we shall not spare any assistance when due.

    o Our state is an independent sovereign state, and we are on friendly terms

    with those states that do not interfere in our domestic affairs.

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    Yes, of course. Because Obama hates Israel, he focused SO much on damaging Israel he didn't even think about the U.S. Makes perfect sense in conservative loonyville.

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    It has noting to do with danger to Israel at all. Israel does not want competition for power and influence in the region because Iran is the only other advanced nation there.

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    What are the chances that any anti-Obama wonders on this board can in a few, non-cut and pasted, sentences explain the harm the Iran deal will do? Go for it.

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    Disagree. He honestly doesn't think it's a bad move. He is dangerously naive like that. Neville Chamberlain too, thought he was doing good with getting Hitler to sign his piece of paper.

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    I bet you don't even know there are 5 other countries on this deal besides the USA and Iran.

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    He helped Iran

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    Obama thought long and hard about the damage it would do to the USA.

    And forged ahead anyway.

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    He's thinking about another b.s. Nobel peace prize.

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    Completely false.

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