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Is it true there are over 60,000 pedophiles in the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses?

EWS AND VIEWS, AUGUST 2, 2015: U.S. SCANDAL, NY STATE, PROTEST PLANNED: On the ExJehovah's Witnesses (ExJWs) And Friends phone conference an underground Bethelite said he and others there believe there are now 60,000 to 75,000 pedophiles on file for the U.S. Branch. Scandal! For some reason though when the Australian scandal broken in the past few days due to some "mistake" about 1,000 of those suddenly became "lost." As soon as the Bethelites learned about the Australian pedophiles scandal they phoned their parents so although Watchtower later told Bethelites going home to not go home and talk about it, it's too late. Meanwhile the Governing Body including Geoffrey Jackson are staying in their offices, taking meals away from the regular Bethelite workers, having their steaks and sea food high end type goodies brought to them--isolating themselves in their gold-plated Bat Caves for some other outbreak of foolishness. The state of New York has warned Watchtower heads that they will send Watchtower a cease-and-desist letter ordering an instant cessation of all work at the Warwick building site of the new world headquarters for JWs when the EPA c. F., B. A. and others are now discussing a protest against Watchtower to be held in early September. Bill B., who got the ball rolling when he went to NBC over a decade ago has also expressed interest.

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    there are pedos everywhere irrespective of any zealot or secular organisation's/community's beliefs.

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    The number was around 23,000 years ago going back seven years. It would be correct if the number is around 60,000 but I would expect that number to increase for the number of sexual abuse that were not reported to authorities. Imagine the number of victims that are among that number. Pedophiles don't stop at one victim. For all we know it could be 180,000 victims or more. Pedophile's are every where but what makes this bad is the fact that it was hidden and not reported first to police.

  • Without any disrespect but how can anyone truly enough question if this is right? I mean: to be fair, how does one go about counting child abusers to that extent?

    Yes, of course, sadly, there are brothers who are guilty of abuse and even more sadly, some elders are guilty and not being true to their name!

    I am a survivor of pedophilia by father who was not a witness and countless others are too and their abusers are not witnesses.

    Someone just posed a question about persecution ( perhaps you did, since you are hiding) and this is one form of persecution that we are being bombarded with!

    It is not as rampant as it is being suggested; yes, there are certain areas that are guilty, but not every single congregation has the issue and many have tons of children in their congregation!!!

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    Pedophelia is a horrible horrible crime and yes there are those kinds of people in all walks of life, sad to say.

    However, this behavior is NOT tolerated in the congregations of Jehovah' Witnesses. We are known all over the world for our stand on scriptural disfellowshipping of those committing serious sins - AND we are highly criticized for it. (Go figure!) Why would we disfellowship a person who commits adultery, or fornication or even smoking but allow a pedophile to stay? Doesn't make sense does it?

    In our publication "Keep yourselves in God's Love" in the appendix on page 223 is states: "In rare instances, a Christian might commit a serious crime against another - such as rape, murder, or major theft. In such cases, it would not be unchristian to report the matter to the authorities, even though doing so might result in a court case or a criminal trial."

    Christian people are supposed to be able to settle simple disputes according to Bible principles and their not being able to do so, can at times reveal spiritual weakness. On minor business and personal matters God's word states: "It means altogether a defeat for you that you are having lawsuits with one another". Christ said that "all will know that you are my disciples if you have LOVE AMONG YOURSELVES. Taking our brothers to court on small matters that SHOULD be resolved scripturally do NOT give evidence of that kind of love. HOWEVER as stated, if a serious crime has been committed there is nothing that would prevent a Christian from seeking legal help.

    Sexual crimes are calculated and NOT done in the light of day and at times are VERY difficult to prove. Elders in the Christian Congregation are NOT police or detectives NOR should they be. They do, however, have a responsibility to keep the congregation spiritually clean by REMOVING those who commit serious sins for which they are unrepentant. They would certainly NOT make it a practice of allowing a KNOWN offender to remain in good standing. However, some cases HAVE to be taken care of by the parents. THEY are the responsible parties for what happens to their children NOT the elders or other members of the congregation.

    If a child was abused this way in the congregation by another member would it be appropriate for ME to face c riminal charges just because I am a member of the congregation? Should I have KNOWN about it? Of course not. The parents are responsible for what and who they allow their children to associate with. If someone breaks that trust it is the fault of the person who committed the crime and no one else. The congregation should NOT carry the burden of the sins of one or two.

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has a wonderful video for parents to show their children how to act when someone tries to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable. I hope all will watch it.

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    that means all their elders are paedos. will Cost the Jw to settle their molestation cases on the back of their poor members.

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    There are paedophiles in all walks of life, dude!

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    Lots of lies here. Satan at work. Keep persecuting! Thank you!

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