How can I get involved with conservation if I major in...?

I will most likely be a physics, engineering, or possibly something else related to STEM major (applying to colleges soon!). What I really find important though is conservation. How can I branch the two subjects? I DON'T want to major in environmental science.


And likely not biology, but I have considered biophysics.

Update 2:

Yeah, not going to vote for you as best answer Boston, you constantly put troll answers to pretty much everything.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Environmental Engineering may be what you want. Environmental engineers are part of the team developing large projects and are involved in making sure large projects are done in an environmentally sound manner. Because quite often, minor changes to a project that are pointed out by an expert can often make a huge difference to environmental impact and conservation.

    They also do environmental impact studies. This is the most popular engineering field for women as well.

    When my daughter was getting her PhD in civil engineering, every single other PhD candidate at her engineering school was taking environmental engineering.

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  • 5 years ago

    biochemistry or general organic chemistry is your best bet these days; you probably have to get a Ph.D. in the subject if you want to "contribute to conservation"

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