Traveling to Europe..?

So I plan to travel to Europe for the first time in 2017... This may be long so thanks in advance for reading :) Just looking for advice on anything and everything!

Here's what I've come up with so far..

I'm not sure if I'm going alone or going with a good friend, if he doesn't have the money when the time comes I wouldn't mind going alone but I do want to bring someone

As of right now I'm planning on staying in Germany. Possibly Dusseldorf, for 16-20 nights. I'm not sure if I want to stay at a hotel or renting a room/flat/house from someone on

Either way I want to stay at a fairly nice place, I was looking at the Waldorf Astoria in Berlin.. but for a much cheaper price I can rent a really nice place from someone.. I mean pretty much all I'm going to do is sleep there so I might as well save some money and not stay at a super fancy hotel.. right? :P

I understand that the public transportation is great in Europe but I really like to drive around myself and just get lost.. I want to spoil the **** out of myself so I'm probably going to rent a Mercedes, but I also want to get a ticket for the interrail and travel to 2 or 3 surrounding countries. Like the Netherlands, France, Austria, Italy, and/or Belgium. So maybe it's best to not have the car rented out during these times when I'll constantly be on a train??

One place I would love to go to is Chamrousse, France.

My budget is 6-8 thousand dollars for the whole trip. Does this sound like a good trip so far?

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  • Orla C
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    5 years ago

    You want to drive? On your own? Through countries where you don't speak the language? Are you even old enough to rent a car? Have you looked into that? Do you not realise the distances involved?

    Knock the car rental notion on the head, love, and look into using the trains. Far nicer and more comfortable, not to mention cheaper when you factor in the cost of fuelling and parking the car, and using motorways (they have tolls). Plus the advantage of using trains is that you have the option to talk to other people if you want to.

    And really, instead of shelling out loads of money to base yourself in one place, it's far better to travel lighter (i.e. bring less) and simply go STAY in other places instead of going out and going back all the time.

  • 5 years ago

    Nope. A top hotel will charge you ~200€ per night (and up), so your budget will just (if at all) suffice for flight and hotel - nothing to eat, no car.

    As for being based for two to three weeks in a central location and 'exploring' the rest of the continent from there - forget it. Travel time to the major cities from a central base, all included, starts at ~4 hours per plane (half an hour to get from the city to the airport, one hour check in and security, half an hour flight, half an hour waiting for your luggage and another half hour to get from the airport to the city) and goes up to ~20 hours per car or train.

    So, I'd say, with 16..20 days, select max. 4 targets (cities or regions), find a central place to stay in each case and explore from there. Sure, get a rental car in each place, but that'll definitely increase the budget. As for a Mercedes (or Audio, or BMW) - so/so. Yes, it's nice to experience driving one - as long as you stay on the highway/motorway/autobahn. But if we're talking about S class (as opposed to A class or Smart), country roads aren't that much fun, cities are ...challenging, parking is a nightmare. Even in Germany. As for France or Italy - forget it. In both countries, tourist drivers are easily recognisable:

    a) they're constantly overtaken by trucks on the motorway

    b) they're the only ones to stop (or even slow down) at a red light

    Trying to emulate the locals will be even worse: you_can't_ argue with the police (lacking both the language and knowledge of local laws), and their arsenal extends up to impounding the vehicle on the spot.

    As for hire car prices: check e.g. Sixt or Europcar - a premium car will ccost you ~300...500 € per day, plus insurance, plus fuel, plus toll and parking. If you even qualify to get one, premium cars often have stricter limits as to driver's age or license.

  • 5 years ago

    I read up to u wanted to go to Germany. I would recommend Norway. It's absolutely beautiful and it's 100% safest place to go. I love it when I go and I highly reccomend it in the summer. Go with some friends and u will have a great time traveling, going to clubs, and learning another culture!

  • Mo
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    5 years ago

    Youth hostels are very good value for money.....look them up....most big cities have one.....go with a friend....could be dangerous on your own. Mo Ma and Grandma

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    are you wake ?I think so you are dreaming for travelling

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