Pop Punk/Alternative Rock Music?

So lately I have suddenly gotten into Pop/Punk,Alternative Rock, Emo music when I started to listen to the BEAUTIFUL FALL OUT BOY *FANGIRL SCREAM* HNNNGGGGGG PETE WENTZ

I would ve never thought I would listen to this kind of music, I was always a passionate Swiftie and Hoot Owl.

I want to expand on this genre of music because I m madly in love with it.


I started to listen to some Panic! At The Disco and bits and pieces of Paramore and MCR etc... but seriously I have no idea where to begin!

All I want is a little introduction,references,some song suggestions and well what I basically should know and tips about these bands.

If you have other bansd/singers that is similar to this style you can add them too!

I would really apprciate it!! :D

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    i love this music too!! here are some of my preference that i think you might like

    my favorite mcr album is three cheers for sweet revenge

    listen to helena, i'm not okay, the ghost of you, famous last words, teenagers, the black parade, and na na na

    the line up when they broke up was gerard way, ray toro, frank iero, and mikey way. bob bryar used to be their drummer. don't get into him though, because he's so racist and just ugh. so horrible.

    my favorite fob album is infinity on high

    listen to literally all their songs. they're all priority songs. personally i like their pre hiatus stuff the most. top notch band.

    the current members are patrick stump, pete wentz, andy hurley, and joe trohman but you probably know this already haha

    my favorite panic! album is vices and virtues

    listen to nearly witches, the calendar, sarah smiles, new perspective, a fever you can't sweat out (pretty much the whole album), northern downpour, nine in the afternoon, and when the day met the night

    the current line up is brendon urie, dallon , kenneth harris, daniel pawlovich. there's a bunch of other members that left though:c ryan ross who used to play synthesizer was a cutie. he was gr9

    my favorite paramore album is all we know is falling

    listen to crushcrushcrush, misery business, pressure, fences, and the only exception

    the members are taylor york, jeremy davis, and hayley williams

    some similar bands are the cab, taking back sunday, good charlotte, all time low, mayday parade, and we the kings

    maybe try getting to know these bands! i'm very, very into mcr, partly because i'm familiar with the members. it makes the music mean even more to me, because i know it means something to them (they broke up a couple years ago so now i just cry when i listen to them). v nice taste in music btw

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    YESSSSSSSSSS PETER LEWIS KINGSTON III ok I'm done. Ok so fall out boy are a bunch of meme dads and panic at the disco is basically being high lol but you really should hit up twenty one pilots they're are DEFINETLY DIFFERENT. They don't have a genre really.

  • 4 years ago

    Pop Punk (what fall out boy is) is basically pop music with the instruments of punk music

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    4 years ago

    I'll give this a shot. All of isn't pop punk, but hopefully it will somewhat appeal. First of all, have you listened to "Phoenix" by Fall out Boy? I'm in love with that song. I'm going to list my favorite bands and put my favorite songs by them in the brackets. The ---> represents really good.

    The Bigger Lights (Queen of Broken Hearts / Hey Summer)

    Stereo Skyline (Man I Think I Love Her)

    Mayday Parade (Kids in Love / Terrible Things)

    The Fray (Basically Every Song)

    Hedley (Basically Every Song lol)

    --->Green Day (American Idiot / Boulevard of Broken Dreams / 21 Guns)

    We the Kings (I don't really like them, but a few of their songs are catchy)

    --->My Chemical Romance (Fake your Death / Teenagers)

    --->A Rocket to the Moon (Mr. Right / Like We Used To / Ever Enough)

    --->All-American Rejects (Gives You Hell)

    Evanescence (My Immortal)

    Faber Drive (Candy Store)

    The Summer Set (Jukebox)

    --->The Cab (Endlessly)

    --->Simple Plan (Perfect + I'm Just a Kid + Welcome to My Life = SO relatable)

    The Ready Set (Love Like Woe)

    --->Red Hot Chili Peppers (Otherside/Californication/Under the Bridge)

    Arctic Monkeys (Fluorescent Adolescence)

    --->The Doors (Riders on the Storm / People Are Strange)

    Pearl Jam (rearview mirror / black)

    Weezer (Island on the Sun / Undone - Sweater Song)

    White Stripes (Seven Nation Army)

    --->Good Charlotte (The Anthem)

    --->Death Cab for Cutie (I Will Follow You Into the Dark)

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    4 years ago

    Fangirls like you belong in Guantanamo to suffer! If my daughter were a fangirl I'd make her suffer!

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