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259 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


― 259 ―

and despite his manly and gallant disposition, Prince Sado could not do one thing with ease or peace of mind. Not invited even once by his father to the grand spectacles held at court, such as celebratory palace examinations, archery competitions, or displays of the martial arts, he was asked to do only such grim things as the year-end revaluations of criminal cases. The Prince simply could not maintain equilibrium or feel unhurt.

儘管他有男子氣概和勇敢的性格, 思悼世子無法輕鬆或安心的去做一件事. 甚至一次也不曾被他的父親邀請到由宮廷舉行的盛大場面, 如慶祝殿試, 射箭比賽, 或是武術的展演, 他只被要求去做可怕的事像是年終刑事案件的重新評估. 世子只不過無法保持平靜或覺得沒有受到傷害.

Truly, the situation required extraordinary forbearance from at least one party—either the son had to try ever harder in his filial duties though he felt his father to be excessively harsh or, alternatively, the father had to be more loving of his son even when he seemed rather untoward. But, as it happened, their relationship worsened steadily. There was no turning point, but it nonetheless proceeded toward that unspeakable end. Perhaps one should attribute this to the will of Heaven or to the nation's fate, something beyond the control of human powers. Nevertheless, I can relive scene upon scene, each vividly alive, with pain deep in my heart. Writing of these things now, I am overcome by guilt, feeling that my descriptions might in some way cast a blemish on their virtue. But I cannot withhold the truth. Filling each page places a great weight upon my chest.

確實, 這種情況需要非凡的寬容, 從至少當事人的一方—做兒子的必須總是更努力的試著盡他的孝道義務儘管他覺得他父親過度地嚴厲; 或者, 做父親的必須更愛他的兒子即使當他似乎有點兒倔強. 但是, 當它發生時, 他們的關係不斷地惡化. 毫無轉機, 它仍然朝向可怕的結局繼續進行. 也許人們應該將這歸因於上天的旨意或國家的命運, 某些超乎人類力量控制的事, 然而, 我可以重溫一幕接一幕, 每個都鮮明地活著, 伴隨著深藏我內心的痛苦. 寫著這些事的此刻, 我不勝內疚, 感覺我的描述可能會某種形式上在他們的美德上投下污點. 但我不能隱瞞事實真相. 填滿每個頁面放置巨大的重量在我的胸口上.

Though Prince Sado reached his fifteenth year, he had never been permitted to accompany His Majesty on a visit to an ancestral tomb. As he grew older, the Prince became very curious to see the countryside, and so whenever the Board of Rites


included his name in the royal entourage for a procession in the city or for a visit to a tomb in the country, he held his breath, anxiously hoping that his father would accept it. Invariably, however, he discovered that he was again eliminated from the list.

Update 2:

雖然思悼世子已到了十五歲, 他從不曾被允許隨同主上參拜祖先陵墓. 隨著年齡的增長, 世子變得很好奇的想看看鄉下, 因此, 每當在城市遊行或到鄉下謁陵, 禮曹將他的名字列入王室的隨行人員, 他摒住呼吸, 急切地希望他的父親會接受它. 然而, 一如既往, 他發現他再次被從名單中淘汰了.

In the beginning, Prince Sado was merely disappointed and hurt, but after a while, it became a source of deep irritation; sometimes he even wept in

Update 3:

frustration. Though he was deeply devoted to his parents, his deliberate manner would not allow him to express one-hundredth of his devotion. Not grasping this, His Majesty was constantly dissatisfied with him. He conceded nothing, nor did he make any accommodation for him. The Prince's terror

Update 4:

of his father gradually turned into a disease. When he became furious, having no other way to release it, he vented it on eunuchs or ladies-in-waiting or sometimes on me. This happened so many times that I cannot keep count.

開始的時候, 思悼世子只是失望和傷心, 但一段時間後, 它變成了深深的惱怒; 有時他甚至在挫折中哭了.

Update 5:

開始的時候, 思悼世子只是失望和傷心, 但一段時間後, 它變成了深深的惱怒; 有時他甚至在挫折中哭了. 雖然他深愛他的父母, 他慎重的態度不容許他表達他的摯愛的百分之一. 沒有領會這點, 主上不斷地對他流露不滿. 他一點也不讓步, 也沒有為他做出任何調適. 世子對他父親的恐懼漸漸變成一種疾病. 當他變得怒不可遏時, 沒有其他方法來緩解它, 他將它發洩在太監們或宮女們或有時在我身上. 這種情況發生太多次了, 我無法繼續計數.

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    ― 259 ―

    儘管他有男子氣概和英勇敢的性格, 思悼世子無法輕鬆或安心的地去做一件事. 他甚至一次也不曾被他的父親邀請到由在宮廷舉行的盛大場面上, 如慶祝殿試慶祝活動, 射箭比賽, 或是武術的展演, 他只被要求去做可怕嚴厲的事像是年終刑事案件的重新評估. 世子只不過簡直無法保持平靜或不覺得沒有受到傷害.

    確實, 這種情況需要有至少當事人一方非凡的寬容, 從至少當事人的一方—做兒子的必須總是更努力的地試著盡他的孝道義務, 儘管他覺得他父親過度地嚴厲; 或者做父親的必須更愛他的兒子, 即使當他似乎有點兒倔強不符己意時. 但是, 當它發生的時候, 他們的關係不斷地惡化至毫無轉機寰的餘地, 而它仍然則繼續朝向可怕極壞的結局繼續前進行. 也許人們應該可能會將這歸因於上天的旨意或國家的命運及是某些超乎人類力量所能控制的事, 然而, 我可以重溫一幕接一幕地重溫, 每個幕都鮮明地活著, 伴隨著因深藏我內心的痛苦. 在寫著這些事的此刻, 我不勝內疚, 感覺我的描述可能會以某種形式上在他們的美品德上投下污點. 但我不能隱瞞事實真相. 填每寫滿每一個頁面後, 都放置了巨大的重量壓力在我的胸口上.

    雖然思悼世子已到了十五歲, 他從不曾被允許隨同主上參拜祖先陵墓. 隨著年齡的增長, 世子變得很好奇的想看看鄉下, 因此, 每當禮曹將他的名字列入在城市遊行或到鄉下謁陵的皇室人員隨行名單時, 禮曹將他的名字列入王室的隨行人員, 他就摒住呼吸, 急切地希望他的父親會接受它. 然而,一如既往, 他發現他再次被從名單中淘汰被刪除了.

    開始的時候, 思悼世子只是失望和傷心, 但一段時間後, 它變成了深深的惱怒的源頭; 有時他甚至在挫折中哭了. 雖然他深愛他的父母, 但他慎重的態度不容許他表達他的摯愛的百分之一. 主上沒有領會這點, 主上不斷經常地對他流露不滿. 他且一點也不讓步, 也沒有為他做出任何調適. 世子對他父親的恐懼漸漸變成一種疾病. 當他變得怒不可遏時, 而沒有其他方法來緩解它時, 他將它發洩在太監們或宮女們或有時在我身上. 這種情況發生太多次了以致於我無法繼續有清楚的計數.

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