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Which are the Best Locations in France for Visit?


I want to visit France and i want some more information about the places which are best for visit. Thanks in advance for help.

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    Following are the best place to visit in France

    01: Provence is famous for its fragrant lavender fields.

    02: See the waterlilies that inspired Claude Monet at his home in Giverny.

    03: Ride a white horse with a French cowboy (called a gardian) in the Camargue, Europe's largest river delta.

    04: Slurp up a bowl of bouillabaisse (fish stew) in its birthplace, Marseille.

    05: Step back in time and imagine the cavemen who once painted these ancient murals inside the caves of Lascaux. The paintings are estimated to be over 17,000 years old.

    06: Pick up a fresh baguette, some stinky cheese, and a bottle of wine and picnic under the Eiffel Tower in the Champ de Mars.

    07: Walk along the mud flats of Mont Saint-Michel Bay during low tide and admire the gorgeous Benedictine abbey.

    08: Bike past the fragrant lavender fields in Provence.

    09: Get lost in the gardens of Versailles.

    10: Camp out on a secluded beach on the island of Corsica.

    11: Taste Champagne in the Champagne region.

    12: Dig for clams and cockels on the beaches of Normandy.

    13: Eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant like Le Meurice in Paris.

    14: Ski the slopes of Val d’Isère or Courchevel.

    15: Stroll along the ramparts of the medieval city of Carcassonne.

    16: Smell the homemade perfumes at a perfume factory in Grasse.

    17: Sunbathe on a beach in Cannes.

    18: See the ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheater in Nimes

    19: Climb up to the Sacré-Cœur cathedral in Montmartre and admire the incredible views of Paris.

    20: Go kitesurfing off the coast of northern France.

    21: Look up at the beautiful vaulted ceilings inside Chartres Cathedral.

    22: Go wine tasting in Bordeaux.

    23: Yacht around Saint-Tropez.

    24: Try a tarte flambée (a type of flatbread pizza usually topped with cheese, ham, and onions) in Alsace.

    25: Hike through the Verdon Gorge, the Grand Canyon of France.

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    Other than Paris and the palace of Versailles and its extensive gardens:

    The Loire Valley and its wonderful variety of stunning castles of various periods, its fortresses, and the gothic architecture of its churches.

    Alsace and its lovely small towns dripping with flowers and full of quaint medieval style architecture.

    The Dordogne valley with its variety of sights that range from prehistoric caves with paintings, picturesque river gorges, Rocamadour abbey clinging to rock faces, more than 1000 castles and lovely villages, the most striking being Sarlat and Beynac.

    Provence which encompasses a number of picturesque hill villages as well as the coast of the French Riviera, fields of flowers and lavender to make perfume, the near-by mouth of the Rhone with the Camargue estuary, its wild horses and pink flamingos. There is large number of Roman vestiges which include arenas and gigantic aqueduct, and, higher up the river, Avignon with its massive medieval papal palace unique in France.

    Brittany, its spectacular ragged coast line, old villages, and on the cusp with Normandy the amazing Mont Saint-Michel.

    You can get an idea of what these places look like by clicking on the regions I have suggested on the map that appears on this reliable website:

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