Scholarship Issue?

I received an email about receiving a scholarship. After I signed and returned the form (because it had certain conditions; maintain a 3.5, etc), I got an email saying the amount I was told was incorrect and it would be half that. Are they able to take back it like that? Can I argue for maybe receiving what they originally promised?

Update: I received an official email from my financial aid office saying I received X amount. It asked me to sign the form and return it, which I did. However, I received an email this morning which basically said "Opps we accidentally wrote the wrong amount, lel."

I didn't break any conditions on the reward. Simply that they had given me a wrong amount. Are they still able to just. Take it back?

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    They were never required to provide the scholarship; they're offering, it's not a contractual requirement that it's set at the level offered.

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