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My stepdad?

My stepdad smokes weed and when the house starts smelling like weed he blames it all on me and my brother and my mom belives him i also hate my step dad he talks to other women when we go to pickup my mom he tells my brother to delete all his messages what should I do?

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    Obviously your mother is trying to be ignorant to your step-"dad"s rotten behavior in order to keep him, so he doesn't leave her.

    You need to get some evidence/dirt on your step-"dad", the whole CSI, NCIS, FBI process. Try to get some hidden cameras (phone/laptop/computer web-cam) recording around the house, so when he's smoking weed, you have proof that HE is the guilty "criminal".

    Try to find/buy a pen camera, they're around $20, and you can have them on you so you can record the messages on his phone to other women quickly, before he deletes them.

    Once you get enough evidence (about 3 occurrences of rotten behavior) DON'T show your mother, because she would probable delete the videos. MAKE COPIES!!!!! Show the evidence to the police, you might be able to get him arrested for possession of drugs/endangerment to minors or something of the sort.

    I would say also get other adults (aunt/uncle/grandparents/teachers) to get on your side, your mother is stubborn and will use her 'authority of being an adult' against you. (Basically, she won't believe you if you told her and back up her husband, which is saying A LOT if she doesn't trust her own children over her 'partner'.)

    Then, discuss your step-"dad"s behavior with your mother.

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    I know this sounds quite obvious, but I would talk with your mom privately and explain how you feel about this to her. I don't know your background with your mom but it might help. If that doesn't work, schools have counselors that can give you more advice if you need it.

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    Talk to ur mom or take a video of him doing it if u can

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    weed is illegal, just turn him in and the police will come and get him

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