Is Michael Mann a disgrace to his profession?

No scientist filed an amicus brief on his behalf in his lawsuit against Mark Steyn.

Meanwhile Steyn has written a book detailing scientists' critiques of Michael Mann.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Not only that, he is a disgrace to humankind. He had to safe face, so he went after Steyn. Canada laws of slander are easier to prove than US. In Canada, the accused almost has to prove innocence. However, Steyn fought back and was winning. Then Mann put the stall on. This did two things for him. It delayed a final judgement so Mann could use the suit for propaganda. Also it would cost Steyn money. This, hopefully, might bankrupt Steyn, thus he couldn't properly defend himself and Mann would win by default. This would springboard him to other suits. Yes, it is filthy, vile and dirty, but that is the way it is with these lowlife heathens. There is no trick dirty enough for them. This just shows to what lengths these vile creatures will go through to push their proven lies upon the trusting populace. They are sick and the University and him should be put in their proper place of irrelevance and disgrace.

    Ottawa came up with this wonderful article and it displays the utter craziness of these retarded, highly educated, fools that call themselves scientist. Mann was among these and here is what he had to say, "Why do I feel bemusement? Because the scientific case is clear. The world’s scientists have reached a consensus that climate change is real, caused by us, and a threat if we if we fail to act. Yet in much of our public discourse, we’re still stuck in a substantially bad-faith debate about whether the problem even exists."

    BAD FAITH!?!? His hockey stick was an outright fraud and he calls others that they are acting in BAD FAITH? He blatantly lies to the world and says WE are acting in bad faith? He takes Nazi loving George Soros's money and says we are acting in BAD FAITH?!?!

    He calls his outright lying GOOD FAITH? This man is a disgrace to all humankind. He and all who support him should be behind bars.

  • James
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    5 years ago

    No, I would say someone like Fred Singer is a disgrace to his profession. Mann's not perfect, but far from being a disgrace.

  • 5 years ago

    Mann is a total disgrace to his profession. All of science is now in question because of his corruption of data and attempts to muzzle and shun anyone that challenges his utopian vision. He's a liar whose goal is world government and totalitarian powers through climate hysteria. He's a dangerous nutter.

  • 5 years ago

    What is Michael Mann's profession? He professes to be a climate scientist, but he is actually more of a political activist and climate alarmist. Was Marilyn Monroe a disgrace to her profession? How about Barack Obama?

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  • 5 years ago

    Yes. How is this question even contested? He s a proven liar (see, for one of myriad examples, his abjectly false claim of being a Nobel Prize winner, a claim the even the Nobel Prize Committee has refuted), and his go-to response to being lampooned in the media is to file law suits against his critics.

  • JimZ
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    5 years ago

    Mark Steyn is great. I have listened to him on the radio a couple times as guest host and he is very funny and good natured. Mann probably thought he could shut him up but Mark Steyn is way more than Mann can handle.

    I'm currently reading a Koontz book but I might get this one and it would be worth it just for the entertainment but I'm also curious about the other opinions listed in the book.

    Did you ever notice how alarmists idolize (as in idolatry) hoaxers and Charlatans? Gee, no cultist-like behavior there. Young suggests it never had a scientific basis. What joke. It certainly had a basis until Mann used a few tree rings proxies and hid the decline and fudged the code and invented algorithms to exaggerate what he wanted to exaggerate. When your religion depends on belief in a Charlatan and his pseudo-science, you are bound to be confused.

    Young needs a link that the scientific basis for the Medieval Warm Period before Mann.

    Not that it will do any good. He will go to SS to learn what he is supposed to think.

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    Mann produced a paleoclimate reconstruction stretching over 2000 years.

    If deniers didn't like what he did, all they had to do was to produce their own. Which they did in the denier funded BEST project. Guess what, it only reconfirmed the hockey stick.

    Ever since then, deniers have been back peddling.

    It's absolutely disgraceful what the denier community getting up to.

    Buckets of lies after lies.

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    Next question.

  • Kano
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    5 years ago

    I read several hours of climate gate emails the other day, and Mann came across as an arrogant pigheaded bully who could not accept any criticism of any kind.

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