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How could Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo be in jail and win a House of Representatives election at the same time?

Is that the way the Philippines work? Criminals are allowed to run for office?

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    Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is not in jail. She is presently under hospital arrest for cases that have been brought to court in the past years, but none of them seem to convict the former president of any corruption charges. She has insisted in the past that she is suffering from a terminal illness, but as you can see she is still alive until now. Under the law, until she is convicted of any crime, she can still run for any position she likes. As in her case, as representative of Pampanga. The only case I remember she was charge with is the Sweepstakes funds that she diverted to some NGO and to some of her political party, but the court find that charge insufficient in substance. There are of course, some cases still pending in court like the ZTE and the fertilizer funds. The court is too slow in finding her guilty.

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    By buying more votes than the other person did. Everybody here sells their vote for cash.

    You might also ask "How can a president get impeached & sent to jail then be released & then be elected mayor of Manila?" (refer to my 1st sentence for that answer).

    Plz remember the national tourist slogan in the Philippines "Its more fun in the Philippines". LOL

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      I am surprised that you rank the 1st for giving answer when all your answers are merely guessing, the only good thing you are expert is copy and paste those websites that people keep asking. Besides that, you are no good with reasonable answers to every question. It is a shame really.

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    Corruption and nepotism rules the day.

    Political office is seen as family business.

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    She wasn't in jail when she won

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