Environmental science career as a woman?

I'm interested in env science, but I am not sure what. I have changed majors many times, 24 now, and don't want to be in school and debt forever. What is the most realistic thing I can do with a degree like this?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Environmental science can get you into government or consultancy (mainly) or, perhaps a private company such as oil, mining, etc.

    I'm not sure what your interest level is in environmental science - I.e. if you're more so interested in the social or science side. However, if you enjoy the science side I would strongly recommend environmental engineering as opposed to environmental science as you will have a professional degree and it will open more doors.

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  • 5 years ago

    You can always go to the military and get real experience in your field . I recommend going on to the US Navy website , go to careers , and it will give you a huge list of jobs available especially being a female interested in science !!

    And PS , women can't be in combat at all so you don't need to be worried about having to fight in a war !

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  • Rob
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    5 years ago

    If in USA visit BLS.gov/OOH for actual info on careers and jobs that actually are in demand and pay good money.

    Visit local library for local info on jobs careers in demand and pay.

    check local pay scale sites for Demand and pay.

    Use library to learn how to actually job hunt. No it isn't online applications.

    U got to Press the flesh.

    ask older people what that means if u never heard it.

    in USA many community colleges programs can leads to employment in under two years easily.

    Visit the website for info.

    Local library can be your friend.

    start there

    Source(s): Exstreet person Employer now thanks library
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