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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesTheater & Acting · 6 years ago

How to become a well known actress as a teen?

I'm a 16 year old girl who lives relatively close to Chicago (1.5 hour drive). I also have family in Southern California (San Diego area) I could live with if need be. I dropped out of high school because long story short, I hated it. Acting has been the one thing I want to do since I could first remember. I've never been in a play because my dad wouldn't let me do anything in the arts, he made me play sports. I don't know if this matters, but I'm white and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I've been told I'm pretty/nice looking/attractive and I know I am. The only problem is that I have braces for a few more months, I'm pretty sure the appearance of braces would affect the likeliness of being casted? I'm average in the height and weight categories. Anyways, I'm kind of freaking out because I have no idea how to get into the acting business.

Also, everyone has told me what a great actress I would be. Not just my parents, you know, like friends and anyone who knows me. I believe that I'm a natural actress, not having any coaching or classes.

Thank you, I really appreciate anyone who bothers to read this and answer me!!!! :-)


Many roles I want require you to be 18, if I tried to pull a Mila Kunis would it work?

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  • Cogito
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    6 years ago
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    You've left it far too late to be a teen actor.

    The kids you see on TV and in moves have all been attending good acting schools since they were about 6 years old, and have had many years of stage experience.

    All actors have 'natural talent' - that's what has made them actors. But it's not nearly enough.

    Before anything can happen you're going to need many years of training and more years of experience, performing with a good community theatre. And at your age, the best chance you'd have is getting into a university/college course and getting a degree in Acting, because almost all the competition you'd find at auditions will have done that - and a lot more besides. Frankly, if you hated school, you're never going to get through any good acting course.

    But until you've done all that, you won't get an agent and agents are how actors get auditions. Casting directors are never interested in beginners. Acting is big business - they'd never take a chance on some untrained kid.

  • Faithe
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    You need a parent to be on board, to sign permission papers and be there with you. And if only one parent is on board, legally that's okay, but personally it will be a try compromising with your dad: suggest alternating seasons, with one season for a sport, next season for theater, etc. (I would say both at once, but both usually take up too much time if you're doing school full time.) Or, suggest acting but keeping in shape with an exercise program that does not involve certain hours at a certain place. Find out what it is about acting that bothers him, and address those concerns. (For example, some parents are afraid that most child actors become drug addicts.) Remind him of how much acting means to you, and reassure him of how you could fit it into your life and still be the active, studious, sweet person you are.

    Once your parents are behind you, try out for community theater plays. Before auditions, read up on the plot and characters. Go in somewhat looking the part. As you read from the script, scan ahead so you can look up often and let the director see the expression in your eyes. Remember to also act when OTHERS are speaking.

    Accept constructive criticism, if any.

    The next step would be semi-professional acting in a nearby city. Find a theater that regularly shows shows and charges money and uses either non-equity or a mix of equity and non-equity actors.

    After that, you can check out online sites that list casting calls for professional productions, and/or get an agent who will help get you into auditions. You'll need a really good photo with a closeup of your face with an expression on it, and a resume.

    Don't worry about the braces. Casting is done in advance, so if you let them know when the braces will be off that won't be an issue.

    Just read your update. Am surprised that many roles require you to be 18. It is easier for them to use an 18-year-old to play a 16-year-old, but REQUIRING it? Can you play younger? But anyway, start with community and semi-professional theater where they won't have these requirements. It's almost unheard of for someone to be COMPLETELY untried and then get a professional contract.

    Break a leg!

  • 6 years ago

    You can't pull a Mila Kunis - unless you have a talent agent, belong SAG-AFTRA and have years of professional training and experience like she did. She did not showed up at some open audition and get cast in That 70s Show. She had been training since 9 and had at least 3 years of professional experience.

    Professional acting is a business - not a lottery. Actors are not just "discovered" and given a career, but there are a lot of scams that prey on people who think that. Your lack of education will hold you back - so work on that. There are alternatives to regular high school - online schools, GED, and the like.

    "Natural talent" isn't enough. Get quality acting training and audition for what you can - that means plays. Community theaters have open auditions. (For professional work you have to be invited to audition, usually through an agent). And learn the business - read trades like and . Good luck

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    It's going to be hard to get much at your age with no experience unless you look younger then you are. They are going to go with 18-Year-Olds that look like they are 16 because there are a lot less rules for how long they can shoot and stuff. But my advice was train and do all you can now so when you are 18, you are more prepared.

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  • 6 years ago

    Make profiles for yourself on acting sites, put of professional pics and everything. Do NOT take too many positions as a background person.. Or you'll be known as one of those people (just some advice) join a community play to get into some practice. And although your dream is great... Make sure you have a back up...

  • 4 years ago

    Black curly hair blonde is okay but it's just most blonde haired girls are truly idk a wannabe their just irritating but I'm just saying SOME dirty blonde hair not all cuz there are truly nice ones too.

  • Dale
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    4 years ago

    I find blonde hair with pale skin to be attractive, and dark hair with tanned skin to also be attractive

  • Elaine
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    6 years ago

    Get involved with your local community theatre groups.

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