Define the Marine Corps MOS: Security Forces Personnel Reliability Program?

I last year joined the United States Marine Corps, hoping to become an Infantryman. I was disappointed to find that my job openings had been taken. I've been now given this new MOS, (my recruiter found it to be the best thing available for me since I wanted an 0300 MOS) But there's a few details that I need cleared up.

1.) I've heard this MOS is a 5 year contract. True or False? Explain, please

2.) After a few years, is it true that I'll be sent to a Infantry Unit?

3.) What is this FAST Co. I hear about on the Internet regarding SF?

4.) On this MOS, what will I find myself doing in the Corps?

5.) True or False, do I still have to go to SOI?

6.) I hear my rank will rise quickly if I keep my nose clean in this MOS. Fact or Fiction?

7.) What is the difference between the UW and UV? (I'm not sure which one I got?)

8.) I hear this MOS is great for those looking for Criminal Justice background for college, is that true?

9.) How exactly would I enter the Recapture Team or CQB School?

Sorry for the ship load of questions. I'm just unsure of what this MOS is about and would like to know more about it before I get into Bootcamp in September 2015. If anyone of experience or knowledge please try to answer all of my questions. Please and Thank you.

-Confused Poolee Brown.

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    There are two types of units in Security Forces: a MC Security Force Battalion that specializes in guarding specific facilities and FAST which specializes in supplementing the security at embassies and govt facilities. PRP applies to MCSF Battalions. You are a security guard and will spend most of your time on guard duty and checking ID cards. You will not deploy as part of a MCSF battalion, you will stand guard duty for two years. You can deploy as a member of FAST.

    1.) You can complete a 4 year contract with MCSF.

    2.) Since your MOS will be infantry, after about two years in security forces, you will be sent to an infantry battalion and deploy as an infantryman.

    3.) In FAST, you can deploy to Cuba to supplement the guard force there or, for example, to Egypt to reinforce the US embassy.

    4.) You are a guard. Stand post, conduct security patrols, check ID cards, etc.

    5.) Your primary MOS is infantry. After boot camp, you will go to infantry training, then basic security guard school.

    6.) Fiction. To get promoted up through Sergeant, you have to achieve a composite score along with everyone else in your MOS. There are meritorious promotion opportunities, but every unit has those.

    7.) UV means you are screened for both PRP and FAST. UW means you are also screened for guard duty at 8th and I.

    8.) MCSF is not law enforcement; it is security. There is a big difference between the two. MP equates to police officer, MCSF equates to security guard.

    9.) You have to be chosen by your chain of command. You would be the react force in the event that your site was breached.

    Unless your recruiter was actually a member of PRP or FAST, he will not really know anything about it other than what his recruiter book says and Google. You do not get to choose whether or not you are PRP or FAST. That will be decided for you while you are at BSG. A lot of people purposely lie during their PRP evaluation because they do not want to spend two years checking IDs. They want to do the FAST because they think it is more high speed. Regardless of which one you do, you WILL go to an infantry battalion after 2 years. Typically, grunts give the MCSF guys all kinds of **** because they haven't done anything infantry related except for ITB and the regular infantrymen have deployed and have MOS experience.

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    • Thank you for the helpful explanation.
      However. I just signed an Infantryman Contract two days ago. I leave in August in three weeks. Thank you!

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    Personnel Reliability Program

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    If you are assigned to the Personal Reliability Program in Security Forces you'll be guarding a nuclear weapons storage facility, or, possibly guarding Marine Corps One (President's Helicopter) at Anacostia Naval Station.

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