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Corcierge大堂日常用語 (不要網上翻譯)


Q.1 呢緊我地有個業主委員會的大會,希望你可以係6月29日,閱上8點15分到場

Q.2 天氣都冷啦,記得著多件衫.

Q.3. 我尋日係會所唔見左野也,你可幫我通知會所,保安幫我check下,留意尋日有冇人拾到我既毛巾.

Q.4 mr smith今日你心情好好喎,他講請問你地有咩設施,有咩玩,有冇砲電影睇嫁,我想知道一 下開始時間同埋收費.

Q5. Mr smith 可幫我安排doormen到我單位,我有D行李,包裹,想佢幫我落去地下大堂,



Q.6 同埋,我上次比Homesmart洗既西裝的兩邊有洗花左同埋有深痕跡,幫我同Homesmart了


Q.7 Mr smith intercom同我講一陣有朋友上黎,如見到Mr.honey,不用intercom直接放佢上黎

Q.8 Mr smith你返黎啦.他講一陣有朋友上黎,如見到Mr.Brown,先intercom Mr smith你朋友黎

左先比佢上黎,可能Mr smith係書房做緊野.

Q.9 Mr smith呢幾日out town,他如有朋友,舊同事,親戚搵Mr smith,首先幫我下有咩人搵過


Q.10 我想晤一下呢doormen佢用個架車英文叫?

Q.11. Mr smith你今日的心情唔係太靚喎?

Q.12 Mr smith你今日睇落去心情重重?

Q.13 maid講單位內有裝修師傅倒哂D油漆係地,可唔可以幫我叫Homesmart黎整一整地板?

Q.13 maid講單位內有野壞左,你可唔可以安排handymen上黎睇一睇.



Update 2:

Q14. . 這裡水龍頭的閥芯鬆脫,冷氣機板面壞左沒有反應.

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    Q1 We have an Owners’ Committee AGM(Annual General Meeting) coming up. We hope you can attend/be there on 29th June at 8:15pm.

    Q2 The weather is getting cold. Remember to wear more clothes (or Remember to keep warm).

    Q3 I lost something at the Club House yesterday. Can you contact the Club House’s Security for me, to check if anyone has picked up my towel yesterday?

    Q4 Mr Smith, you look very happy today. He asked what type of facilities do you have, what is there to play, any movies to watch. I want to find out about the starting time and charges.

    Q5 Mr Smith, can you arrange doormen to my unit/apartment, I have some luggage, parcel for him to bring down to the lobby. Also I have 2 shirts and one suit that I want to clean. I want the doormen to bring them downstairs to the lobby for you as well, and can you inform Homesmart to wash these 2 shirts and one suit.

    Q6 Also, the suit that I let Homesmart cleaned last time, its sides have been damaged and stained, can you investigate with Homesmart?

    Q7 Mr Smith told me through the intercom that a friend is arriving soon. If you see Mr Honey, no need to use the intercom, just let him go up.

    Q8 Mr Smith, you are back. He said a friend is coming up soon. If you see Mr Brown, intercom Mr Smith to let him know “your friend has arrived” before letting him go up. Mr Smith might be busy in the Study.

    Q9 Mr Smith is out of town these few days. If he has friends, old colleagues, relatives looking for Mr Smith, first, find out who was looking for me, and on my return give me a friendly reminder if there is any.

    Q10 I want to ask this doormen what is the (English) name of the car he is using?

    Q11 Mr Smith, you don’t look very happy today.

    Q12 Mr Smith, you look worried today.

    Q13 The maid said the workers/renovators have poured paint all over the floor in the unit/apartment. Can you ask Homesmart to come and fix the floor for me?

    2015-07-25 22:42:49 補充:

    Q.13 The maid said something is broken in the unit/apartment. Can you arrange for the handymen to go up and have a look?

    Q14. The valve core of this tap is loose, the air-conditioner’s panel(?) is broken, not responding.

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    In concierge English, What's the connection between Mr.Smith and the narrator for a relative quality answer?Briefly:-

    Q1:-I've an Incorporated Owners' Committee for Annual General Meeting coming. Hope you can come and join on June29 at 8:15pm in the Hall.

    Q2:-Weather is cooler;remember wearing the clothes.

    Q3:-Please get in touch Club House Security to check if anyone who picked up my "Bathing Towel" yesterday?

    Q4:-Mr.Smith,you're in good mood today. He asked what fascilities,functions, Gun-movies do you have today. I want to know the showing time and charges instead..

    Q5:-Mr.Smith asked to arrange doormen to my unit for collecting luggage,parcels,and also 2 shirts&a suit to be cleaned, to be moved to the lobby.Then inform Homesmart.

    Q6:-Homesmart last time had cleaned&damaged my either side of the suit markedly.Can you claim for me as well?

    Q7:-Mr. Smith ,through the intercom ,told me that his friend Mr. Honey will visit him direct without intercom. Okay?

    Q8:-Mr. Smith ,in the busy study ,will welcome Mr.Brown via his Intercom first !

    Q9:-Mr. Smith is out of town for few days. All his friends, old colleagues, relatives, visiting him must inform (me) first on my return, but in a warm,passionate reminder please.

    Q10:-What's the name of the car this doormen is using ?

    Q11:-Mr. Smith, you're not feeling too good today?

    ----------------------=You're moody glommy today ?

    Q12:-Mr. Smith,you're heavily moody gloomy today?

    Q13:-The maid told me that after decoration, the workers have spilled paint all over the floor. Can you tell Homesmart to fix it for me ?

    --------Also the maid said that something else also is broken. Could you arrange the handymen to come up and repair ?

    Q14:-The valve core of the fresh water tap above is loosen; the air-conditioner's switch mechanism is broken& not working nor responding !

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