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Is it becoming common place to see another asian gang in the dock for gang child rape?

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    now we can add aylesbury to the list

    it was becoming common over years ago. so it already is common.

    we're only started to bring these ***** to some form of 'justice' in the past few years.

    as we can clearly see with this case, it's an asian wide problem, not just a muslim one ( although most are pakistani muslims ) -- some of these blokes are sikhs. all their victims are white girls. not paki, indian, bangladeshi, etc girls. white english girls.

    so it is a race problem.

    the logical, inevitable result of large scale immigration from the 3rd world, plus leftie marxist multicultural dogma, that caused councils & policemen to lose their testicular fortitude and moral courage, although they were already 'infiltrated' anyway.

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    Yes it is. Islam preaches a 'distain' of anything or anyone non Muslim and these animals consider our children 'fair game' as we are all 'infidels'

    I suppose the only positive thing is that at least these bastards are actually 'reaching' the dock, more than has happened for years.......God knows why...?

    I hope they get the sh1t kicked out of them in prison whilst they serve their 'stupidly short' sentences.

  • 5 years ago

    It is common place because for some reason the Police seem to be concentrating on Asians in this matter at present. A year or so ago it was all white show business luvvies. This whole matter is dealt with very hysterically by the media. Statistically adults having sex with children and young teenagers come from all races and mostly this kind of sexual conduct takes place within the family. The last thing you will get from most of the Press. is accurate reporting

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    Yeah, seems that 'asians' are the people who choose to do this on an industrial scale, almost exclusively to young white British girls. It is of course partly a race hate crime, but you will never find it classified as such. Seems mostly to have prospered under the Blair surprise there then ! Does anybody care ? No, not really...lot of hot air , lot of excuses, but like everything else, as long as house prices are rising in UK, no one gives jack.

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    We let these ethics into our country and they repay our generosity by abusing our children. They would be executed for this in their country of origin and we should do the same?

    But what will we do.....give them 10 years each and release them in 5?

    I keep saying that multiculturalism is a disease that erodes our British values and causes moral decline and this is just another example of why Nationalism is on the rise all over Europe.

    You may call me a Nazi, and the lefties here do, but these perverts would not be tolerated in that society. Immediate execution would ensure children's safety.

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    i Man and his exploitation of the female gender where the less intelligent is the one who gets his jollies by being able to take advantage of an under policed community. yes the problem stems from the government not realising we need to monitor some types in society more closely.

  • 5 years ago

    They shouldn't be in the dock.They should be on a slow boat to pakistan or india with their families.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Men of all races have been taking advantage of vulnerable young girls for years, but it's taken those of an Asian background to get involved for the authorities to take notice. Perhaps if our attention is directed at them, we won't be asking the awkward questions of those in positions of influence and office who have been doing the same thing.

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    Common enough,it seems,for reports to be relegated to the inside pages,no longer Headline News.

    Same Old,same old,now,not the national attention grabbing shock.

    Behaviour "to be expected",not outraged at.

    More hidden immigration linked,enrichment ?

  • 5 years ago

    yes all too common, seems like it must be a trait of some people of Asian background.

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