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Anonymous asked in TravelFranceOther - France · 5 years ago

is lille france beautiful for living after hell London?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Lille has plenty of culture, entertainment and good shopping facilities but has the same problems as London. It is a huge agglomeration and it is also joint seamlessly to the towns of Roubaix and Tourcoing. It is the centre for everything in the North from universities to law courts and specialised hospitals. It has museums, shopping centres, cinemas, theatre and opera house.It is an old town so some of the streets are very narrow and the traffic is nightmarish. It is practically impossible to find a parking space anywhere near the main train station for instance. The old centre is picturesque and the Grande Place is as impressive as Trafalgar Square, but it has not got the huge Parks which constitute the lungs of London. Lots of good restaurants of all kinds though.

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  • Rorkes
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    5 years ago

    Oh... I love the cold sterility with an incredible history that is London And funnily enough I am not being sarcastic. I really do love it.

    I am talking about the City of London though... I lived just outside it in the Royal Borough of Kensington..and worked in the City.

    Greater London is different.

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