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Are you born with adhd? can you grow out of it? am i stupid because i have it?

Ok, so i have adhd and all my life i have had trouble focusing even if somebody talks directly to me. I have always been shy though so i didn t get diagnosed before i was 15 because for some reason people think that adhd makes you the not shy at all person that bully the other kids. im 17 now and i feel that my adhd is gettinh much worse. When i was young i didn t have so many problems but then in the teen years i just failed school so bad and couldn t focus at all. i feel so hyper all the time. I just want to get out and run. Can i grow out of this? i don t want to take medications. They make me feel so bored and i cant be happy or sad or anything when i take them. I feel so stupid sometimes. I dont wanna go to school, i hate school. I feel like im in jail when im in school. My friends are starting to get more adultish and im still there like a kid. They have meaningfull conversations while i just talks about videogames and stupid stuff. I just come out as a really dumb person all the time. The only thing that makes me feel smart is that im interested in physics

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    Yes you are born with ADHD. No you cannot grow out of it ,but as you mature the less active your ADHD gets. You'll find things get simpler as you get a bit older.And no of course you are not stupid . Many brilliant people throughout history have had this disorder like albert einstein ect.

    Here is a list of successful people with the disorder.


    Frank Lloyd Wright


    Salvador Dali

    Pablo Picasso

    Vincent Van Gogh


    Terry Bradshaw

    Scott Eyre

    Justin Gatlin

    Cammi Granato

    Jason Kidd

    Michael Phelps

    Pete Rose


    Charlotte and Emily Bronte

    Samuel Clemens

    Emily Dickenson

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Virginia Woolf

    William Butler Yeats


    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

    Andrew Carnegie

    Malcolm Forbes

    Henry Ford

    David Neeleman

    Paul Orfalea


    Christopher Columbus

    Lewis and Clark


    Ann Bancroft

    Jim Carrey

    Steve McQueen

    Jack Nicholson

    Ty Pennington

    Elvis Presley

    Evil and Robbie Knievel

    Justin Timberlake

    Robin Williams


    Alexander Graham Bell

    Thomas Edison

    Benjamin Franklin


    Ansel Adams


    Albert Einstein

    Political Figures

    James Carville

    John F. Kennedy

    Abraham Lincoln

    Source(s): 22 year old with ADHD
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    I was diagnosed with it at the age of 8. When I was 12 or so, I started throwing the pills away when my mom wasn't looking because I figured out that I felt bad after taking them. I'm 16 now and I don't have any trouble doing class work or homework. Very few people who are diagnosed with adhd or add actually have it. The rest are just normal children, and children don't like to sit still and pay attention, so parents opt for chemicals instead of discipline.

    You'll be fine, just try and control yourself without the medicine when you can.

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    ADHD doesn't directly affect intelligence, but can hinder learning capabilities, which makes learning new skills in school a lot harder.

    Yes, ADHD is inherited and some diagnosed people do grow out of it, others are less lucky and have to live on medication just to pay attention to something.

    Source(s): Experience with ADHD
  • ADHD is a symptom of not enough dopamine. This could be due to a long list of reasons such as genetic dopamine receptor abnormalities, chronic stress, poor diet, numerous deficiency states, hypothyroidism.

    I've grown up with serious dopamine deficiency and despite correcting a long list of causes for dopamine deficiency as well as exercising (I've read exercise raises your baseline levels of dopamine by promoting the growth of new brain cell receptors) I still have dopamine deficiency symptoms although improved to some degree. I'm going to purchase a natural herb called Mucuna Pruriens (contains L-Dopa (levadopa) which is the precursor for dopamine) to see if this helps.

    Life Out of Control? Blame Your Neurotransmitters:

    Dopamine Deficiency (or, I'm Not Lazy After All!):

    Mucuna Pruriens:

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    adhd is not a real disorder, I'm sorry. the "father" of it said on his deathbed it was all for making money with pils. didn't you hear about the ritalin epidemic? Kids being drugged left and right? If someone is diagnosed with it, the doctor is a quack. I'm sorry but if someone has adhd, they're just easily distracted and/or hyperactive. Those may be symtoms of other things, but are not a condition in and of themselves.

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