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Shampooing dyed hair?

Ok so I have really greasy hair and need to wash it everyday, my hair is so greasy I have to use dawn dish soap just to make it look clean and keep in mind that is what they used to clean up animals in the oil spill. So anyways I have really dark brown hair so I will be bleaching it so I can dye it blue. I was wondering if bleaching it might cut back on my hair being so greasy so I might be able to use shampoo for dyed hair, and if I should use brunette oriented shampoo.

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  • 6 years ago

    your hair is so greasy because you're fcking using dawn dish soap and washing it everyday. you dry out your scalp, so your scalp compensates by producing even MORE oil than it needs to.

    your hair is not an oil spill. don't use dawn dish soap unless you're trying to fade a dyed color out of your hair.

    in order for you to look good during the time frame of your hair getting re-acclimated to a normal oil routine, go buy dry shampoo.

    even shampoo for dyed hair, especially unnatural colors, shouldn't be used everyday. ideally, shampooing should be at a minimum with dyed hair. you will fade the blue in no less than 2 weeks with your current shampooing routine.

  • Elle
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    6 years ago

    the more you wash it, the greasier it gets. i suggest walking every three days and conditioning ever other. your hair will become healthier and it ll stay clean this way.

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