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if I installed my steam games on a different PC for my friend to play, can I remove his access to my games?

My "friend" isn't on my good side right now so I would really like to remove access to the games I let him use on his steam account.

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    Your games on Steam are tied to your Steam Account... so unless you gave your friend your login details (which is an EXTREMELY FOOLISH THING TO DO, as that gives them full access to your account.) or logged into your account on his computer (still very foolish if you didn't log out), he can only access your games if you have Family Sharing enabled & authorized his computer AND account for it.

    You can revoke authorization for any computer & user by logging into your Steam account (either on your computer or online... just be aware that online logins may require a secondary verification w/ Steam Guard) & removing their username or computer from your authorized list.

    Please be aware that your friend will still have access to all the games they legally purchased as they're not borrowing your copy of the game. Additionally, any misconducts by your friend online with a game from your library will negatively impact BOTH of you (primarily him for the offense, but you still get hit to a lesser degree for allowing them access to the game). Such misconducts can result in the revocation of Family Sharing support on your account... so only grant access to those that you trust.

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    If you set up family sharing for him to be able to play, then you should be able to remove access to his computer from the steam website. Sign into (may ask you to verify through email if it's your first time signing in to this browser/IP) then when you are signed in, click the arrow next to your name in the upper right (just clicking on the name seems to work as well) then go to "Account details" once you are at the account details page, you can click on the "Manage Family Library Sharing" to the right, and a list of devices should show up, which you can choose to deauthorize from sharing.

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