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What do doctors do after the work hours are over?

You know how a pediatrics of general doctors office closes usually around 5 pm? Well after 5 pm do they go home right away or do they stay at the office for a bit? I'm just wondering if they hear phone calls after 5.

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    In most doctor's offices in my area, they do not answer the phone after 5 pm even if they are still in the office. The time spent in the office after 5 pm is to finish up paperwork or whatever else they may need to do to finish up for the day or to be preparred for the next morning. They don't take calls or interuptions during that time. They probably "hear" the phone, but they won't answer it.

    If a patient is having some kind of emergancy, there is usually an "emergency number" that will be given on the answering machine when a patient tries to call after hours.

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    Most docs remain in the office returning phone calls, finishing documentation, or reviewing lab results for a bit. If they need to, they do hospital visits for any patients. Most docs have an answering service, and after hours they turn calls over to the service. Whether they hear the ring depends on the phone system. If someone is having an emergency, the service can get through to the office if necessary, or can get hold of the doctor on call.

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    If your lucky they might service your needs. But most places these days just simply only care about money and not people and patients. Even during regular business hours. Unfort that's they trend.

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