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Microsoft access help!?

hi am just looking for a little help in Ms access I am quite a rookie and don't know anything much. I have a project to do which mostly wants me to create a business database however the business database must include an inventory table, a customer table, a staff table and a supplier table. however this database project must illustrate a 3 months period. now I created a relationship with the inventory and customer order table because I had the different items that is in the inventory table such as items ordered and the suppliers info etc so I linked the inventory table to the customer order table. so fine that relationship I got worked with no error, it was how I wanted it. my problem is if its for a 3 month period do I have to create 3 inventory tables or 3 customer order table because its 3 months I have to do it for. I am little tied up on how to even go about the project because if I create 3 tables I don't want to have a set of relationship running all over the place so what I really want to know is there a way to illustrate a 3 months database without creating 3 tables for each month? I looked at templates it don't really seem to help much. i don't know if it is correct to have 3 tables for each month eg. "inventory Jan, inventory Feb, Inventory March then a next set of tables customer order list jan, feb, march etc....

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  • Jeff P
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    6 years ago
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    No, you do not need to create separate inventory tables. You simply need to add a "date_added" to your inventory table. This field will store the date the items were added to the inventory. You would do the same with your orders table as well. Your customers table doesn't really need a date, unless you want to add a column to indicate when they first became a member.

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