Small Cut on foot scabbed over and is black?

Just yesterday I cut the bottom of my foot and it looked dirty, I placed Peroxide on it and used neosporine creme on it then placed a bandage over it. I ve been walking around through a dirty house with no band aide as it had fallen off, but now it has scabbed over and is black with the surronding area kind of puffy and sore, I can press it down but it hurts like crazy and it doesn t really do anything. Is this normal?


I've noticed that when even just lightly stepped on it hurts, I have to try and keep my foot above ground and it feels heavy.

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  • 5 years ago
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    It may have become infected from walking around barefoot in a dirty house. (Why weren't you wearing shoes or socks to protect it? Why don't you clean your house?) You need to keep that wound clean for it to heal. Wash it with soap & water and then either: 1) apply neosporin and cover it with a sock and shoe, or 2) put a bandaid on it and then a sock or shoe. (If you put neosporin on it first, the bandaid won't stick.) Keep an eye on it. Symptoms of infection include redness, swelling, pain and oozing pus. You're at risk for getting cellulitis ("sell-you-LYE-tis"), which is a deep tissue infection. Symptoms of cellulitis include redness (BRIGHT red), pain (which can be intense), swelling and heat (skin which is noticeably warmer than the surrounding skin). If you develop red streaks running up your foot from the wound, get to a hospital immediately. Cellulitis is a potentially life-threatening infection because the bacteria that cause it can get into your bloodstream and cause sepsis, which can kill you. Meanwhile, elevate your foot, keep it clean and keep an eye on it.

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