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255 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤


― 255 ―

Prince Sado was by nature generous and forgiving, open and magnanimous of spirit. But most of all, he was trusting and loyal and adhered to these principles in his dealings with all, even those who served him. Though he was terrified of his father, he would not deceive him, and so when he was questioned, even concerning those things that he clearly knew he should not do, the Prince answered him truthfully, hiding nothing. His Majesty also knew that his son would not lie to him.

思悼世子本質慷慨及寬容, 心靈開放而有雅量. 但最重要的是, 他堅持以信任和忠誠的原則對待所有的人, 即使是那些服侍他的人. 雖然他害怕他的父親, 他不會欺騙他, 因此當他遭到盤問, 甚至關於那些他清楚地知道他不該做的事, 王子也如實回答, 無所隱瞞. 主上也知道他的兒子不會對他說謊.

I have said that Prince Sado was exceptionally filial by nature. He was also very affectionate to his sisters. He always looked up to Princess Hwap'yong. She was so conspicuously favored by His Majesty that one might say that his friendliness to her had something to do with this. In truth, the Prince did not follow power but was genuinely attached to her. He was also respectful and attentive to Princess Hwasun, his oldest sister. He felt sorry for her for having lost her mother very early.[3] The Prince's favorite, however, was Princess Hwahyop,[4] who was born in the kyech'uk year (1733). She was exceptionally beautiful and devoted to her parents, but His Majesty was very cold toward her, probably because of his disappointment that the child was not a boy. He did not change this attitude as she grew, and he even forbade her to stay in the same house with his beloved daughter Princess Hwap'yong.

我說過思悼世子天性非常孝順. 他對他的姐妹也非常地溫柔親切. 他一直很尊敬和平翁主. 她是如此明顯地深受主上的偏愛, 人們可能會說他對她友好的態度與這有關. 說實話, 世子沒有追逐權力, 而是真正地喜歡她. 他也尊敬和喜歡和順翁主, 他的大姐. 他為她感到遺憾, 因為她很早就失去母親. 然而王子最喜愛的人是和協翁主, 她生於癸丑(1733)年. 她非常漂亮也深愛她的父母, 但主上對她很冷淡, 可能是因為他失望的是這孩子不是男孩. 當她長大他並沒有改變這種態度, 他甚至不許她與他心愛的女兒和平翁主待在同一間屋子裡.


[3]. Princess Hwasun's mother was Lady Yi Chongbin.

[註3] 和順翁主的母親為靖嬪李氏(1694-1721)

[4]. Princess Hwahyop was born of Lady Sonhui.

[註4] 和協翁主是宣禧宮所生.

Update 2:

Princess Hwap'yong, distressed and uncomfortable over this open favoritism, entreated her father to be kind to her sister, but to no avail. When Princess Hwahyop got married, His Majesty was as cool toward her husband, Lord Yongsong, as he was to his daughter. Prince Sado seemed to feel a

Update 3:

special affinity with this sister. They were close in age[*] and similarly disfavored by their father. He often commiserated with her and was particularly affectionate toward her.

和平翁主對這公然的偏愛感到苦惱和不舒服, 懇求她父親善待她的妹妹,

Update 4:

但無濟於事. 當和協翁主結婚時, 主上對她的丈夫-永城尉-如同對他女兒一樣冷淡. 思悼世子似乎覺得這位姐姐有一股特殊的親和力. 他們年齡相近且同樣地不被他們的父親喜愛. 他常常同情她, 對她特別地溫柔親切.

Update 5:

In kisa (1749) Prince Sado reached his fifteenth year. His cap-ping ceremony was scheduled for the twenty-second day of the first month, and our nuptials for the twentyseventh.[**] It would have been a happy occasion if His Majesty had quietly enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing his late-begotten

Update 6:

son attaining adulthood

在己巳(1749)年思悼世子十五歲. 他的冠禮預訂在一月廿二日舉行, 而我們的婚禮在廿七日. 它會是一個快樂的時刻如果主上靜靜地享受看著他晚生的兒子達到成年的滿足,

[*] Prince Sado was two years younger than Princess Hwahyop.


Update 7:

[**] Since Prince Sado and Lady Hyegyong performed the wedding ceremony before puberty, their nuptials and consummation did not take place until they reached their fifteenth year. As a prelude to this, the couple performed the second part of the capping ceremony that marked

the passage into

Update 8:


**因為思悼世子與惠慶宮在青春期前舉行結婚儀式, 他們的婚禮圓房並未完成直到他們十五歲. 作為一個序幕, 這對夫婦進行了第二部份的冠禮儀式, 標記著進入成年期的許可.

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    ― 255 ―

    思悼世子本質慷慨及寬容, 心靈開放而有雅量. 但最重要的是, 他堅持以信任和且忠誠,並堅持這些的原則對待所有的人, 即使是那些服侍他的人. 雖然他害怕他的父親, 但他不會欺騙他, 因此當他遭到盤被詢問, 甚至關於那些他清楚地知道他不該做的事, 王世子也如實回答, 無所隱瞞. 主上也知道他的兒子不會對他說謊.

    我說過思悼世子天性非常孝順. 他對他的姐妹也非常地溫柔親切. 他一直很尊敬和平翁主. 而她是如此明顯地深受主上的偏愛, 以致人們可能會說他對她友好親切的態度與這有關. 說實話, 世子並沒有追逐權力, 而是真正地喜歡她. 他也尊敬和喜歡體貼和順翁主, 他的大姐. 他為她感到遺憾難過 , 因為她很早就失去母親. 然而王世子最喜愛的人是和協翁主, 她生於癸丑(1733)年. 她非常漂亮也深愛她的父母, 但主上對她很冷淡, 可能是因為他失望的是對這孩子不是男孩感到失望. 當她長大後他並仍沒有改變這種態度, 他甚至不許她與他心愛的女兒和平翁主待在同一間屋子裡.

    [註3] 和順翁主的母親為靖嬪李氏(1694-1721)

    [註4] 和協翁主是宣禧宮所生.

    和平翁主對這公然的偏愛感到苦惱和不舒服, 懇求她父親善待她的妹妹, 但無濟於事.當和協翁主結婚時, 主上對她的丈夫-永城尉-如同對他女兒一樣冷淡. 思悼世子似乎覺得這位姐姐有一股特殊的親和力. 他們年齡相近且同樣地不被他們的父親喜愛. 他常常同情她, 而且對她特別地溫柔親切. 在己巳(1749)年時, 思悼世子已十五歲了.他的冠禮預訂在一月廿二日舉行, 而我們的婚禮則訂在廿七日. 它會應是一個快樂的時刻場合, 如果主上靜靜地享受看著他晚生的兒子達到進入成年的滿足感,


    **因為思悼世子與惠慶宮在青春期前舉行結婚儀式, 他們的婚禮圓房並未完成,直到他們十五歲時. 作為此事的一個序幕, 這對夫婦進行了第二部份的冠禮儀式, 此標記著進入成年期的許可階段。

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