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The biotransformation of natural products to more active structures by enzymes

or microorganisms in vitro is very useful for the Development of the natural products into new medicines and health foods. To gain insight into the issues, the Enz Power Biotech Corp. conducted the chemical QC processes and in vitro insulin secretion test to evaluate the potential of biotransformation GH series products on anti-hyperglycemic effects. Results of this study indicated that the concentration of reference standard, oleanolic acid, in biotransformation some products was over 3 times higher than start materials. By comparison of the anti-hyperglycemic activity of crude extract, water extract and EA extract of some product in the dose of 100ug/mL,the EA extract showed the obvious does-dependent anti-hyperglycemic effect. To conclude, this study demonstrated that the biotransformation of natural products to more anti-hyperglycemic product is feasible.

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