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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHomework Help · 6 years ago

I need help with my apush summer assignment please. Define History and discuss if it can change over time. 100-200 words?


just give me your opinion thanks.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I'm ambilivant.

    Part of me believes that we have improved over the past 200 years. We no longer execute people for stealing a loaf of bread during a famine. On the other hand, what have we learned from the Holocaust? Have their been any more mass murders? On what continent do you want to start.

    Africa: Edi Amin

    Also the Sudan


    Asia: Several Pol Pot in Cambodia was likely the worst, but there were so many that it cannot be determined really.

    USA: The native Indian wars (which were recorded over at least a 300 year period constituted in some scholars minds, a genocide.

    Europe: Many. The one before the Nazis that I am most familiar with is Poland invaded by Sweden. There were 2000000 lives lost. This predates Nazi Germany. This are just a few.

    The Bible records the basic crimes. People who read the Bible are always astonished, sooner or later, that the "sins" recorded in the Bible are as alive today as they were back then. So I don't think we've changed an awful lot.

    We've just found new ways not to change.

  • Mercy
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    6 years ago
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