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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 6 years ago

What would you name these families with 10 kids?

The Bradley, the Holland, or the Moore Family

Dad, First Name: Arnold,Bernard,Michael, Adam,Daniel,Blake Middle Name: Mitchell,Theodore,Leonard, Martin,Stuart,Oliver

Mom, First Name: Stephanie,Melissa,Arabella,Amelia,Denise,Scarlett Middle Name: Elizabeth,Marie, Alana,Lillian,Olivia,Autumn

#1, BOY, First Name: Theodore,Michael,Mitchell,Adam,Daniel,Blake Middle Name: Kyle,Asher, Liam,George,Peter,Carson

#2 BOY, First Name: Isaiah,Ryan,Tyler,Ethan,Mark,Nicholas Middle Name: Clayton,Joel,Nathaniel,Henry,William,Bentley

#3, GIRL First Name: Alyson,Merissa,Delilah,Katelyn,Mackenzie,Danielle Middle Name: Michelle,Caryn, Marie,Reese,Ivy,Mae

#4, BOY, First name: Harrison,Landon,Brendan,Jackson, David,Timothy Middle Name: Owen,Lee, Paul,Cooper,Collin,Phillip

#5, BOY First Name: Aaron,Zachary,Joshua,Jeremiah,Logan,Drew Middle Name: Isaac,Allen,Camden, Dean,Gabriel,Noah

#6, (Triplet) GIRL First Name: Rachel,Mikayla,Kimberly,Alyssa,Lauren,Serena Middle name: Rae,Natalie, Alexa,Savannah,Sage,Adriane

#7 (Triplet) GIRL First Name: Diane,Margret,Laura,Ruth,Clara,Martha Middle Name: Hazel,Lillian,Alice, Dawn,Anne,Jane

#8 (Triplet) GIRL First Name: Leila,Ava,Stephanie,Avalon,Molly,Belle Middle Name: Noelle,Nicole,Rose, Grace,Meredith,Brooklyn

#9 BOY, First Name: Elliot,Anthony,Joseph,Ryland,Benjamin,Toby Middle Name: Maxwell,Jeffrey,Mason,Scott,Terrance,Sean

#10 GIRL First Name: Alana,Elizabeth,Autumn,Isabella,Samantha,Arabella Middle Name: Marie,Denise, Melissa,Kennedy,Alexandra,Lily


The Holland Family:

Arnold Theodore Holland&Arabella Elizabeth Holland

Theodore George Holland

Nicholas Nathaniel Holland

Merissa Michelle Holland

Timothy Phillip Holland

Jeremiah Gabriel Holland

Serena Sage Holland

Martha Alice Holland

Ava Grace Holland

Joseph Scott Holland

Samantha Lily Holland

Update 2:

The Moore Family:

Daniel Stuart Moore&Melissa Lillian Moore

Blake Carson Moore

Isaiah Clayton Moore

Alyson Caryn Moore

Brendan Cooper Moore

Joshua Camden Moore

Alyssa Adriane Moore

Diane Hazel Moore

Molly Brooklyn Moore

Ryland Maxwell Moore

Autumn Melissa Moore

Update 3:

The Bradley Family:

Blake Martin Bradley&Amelia Marie Bradley

Adam Kyle Bradley

Ethan William Bradley

Katelyn Reese Bradley

Jackson Lee Bradley

Drew Isaac Bradley

Rachel Savannah Bradley

Laura Anne Bradley

Avalon Nicole Bradley

Benjamin Terrance Bradley

Alana Denise Bradley

32 Answers

  • 6 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    Presenting the Holland family...

    FATHER: Daniel Theodore Holland

    MOTHER: Melissa Elizabeth Holland

    #1 BOY: Daniel Carson Holland AKA "Danny"

    #2 BOY: Tyler William Holland

    #3 GIRL: Mackenzie Ivy Holland AKA "Mac"

    #4 BOY: Brendan Cooper Holland

    #5 BOY: Joshua Dean Holland AKA "J.D."

    #6 GIRL (Triplet): Kimberly Sage Holland AKA "Kim"

    #7 GIRL (Triplet): Laura Jane Holland

    #8 GIRL (Triplet): Ava Meredith Holland

    #9 BOY: Elliot Terrence Holland

    #10 GIRL: Samantha Denise Holland AKA "Sam"

  • 6 years ago

    Michael Stuart Holland

    Amelia Marie Holland

    Blake Peter

    Ethan Bentley

    Katelyn Mae

    Harrison Lee

    Joshua Gabriel

    Rachel Alexa

    Laura Jane

    Ava Grace

    Benjamin Maxwell

    Elizabeth Lily

  • 6 years ago

    Dad: Michael Stuart Holland

    Mom: Amelia Elizabeth Holland

    Daniel Asher Holland

    Mark Nathaniel Holland

    Delilah Mae Holland

    Harrison Owen Holland

    Joshua Allen Holland

    Alyssa Natalie, Clara Hazel, and Stephanie Rose Holland

    Anthony Scott Holland

    Isabella Marie Holland

  • 6 years ago

    Father- Blake Martin Holland

    Mother- Arabella Autumn Holland


    1. Adam Kyle Holland

    2. Ethan Henry Holland

    3. Merissa Mae Holland

    4. Brendan Cooper Holland

    5. Logan Allen Holland

    6-8. Alyssa Rae Holland, Ruth Alice Holland & Leila Noelle Holland

    9. Ryland Terrance Holland

    10. Arabella Lily Holland

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  • 5 years ago

    Daniel Martin Holland

    Stephanie Alana Holland

    Theodore Kyle Holland

    Tyler Joel Holland

    Delilah Marie Holland

    Jackson Collin Holland

    Zachary Dean Holland

    Rachel Adrianne Holland

    Clara Lillian Holland

    Belle Meredith Holland

    Ryland Terrance Holland

    Samantha Denise Holland

  • 6 years ago

    The Moore Family

    Dad-- Adam Mitchell

    Mom-- Amelia Marie

    #1 Mitchell Carson

    #2 Nicholas William

    #3 Delilah Mae

    #4 David Cooper

    #5 Jeremiah Gabriel

    #6 Lauren Rae

    #7 Margret Lillian

    #8 Ava Noelle

    #9 Benjamin Scott

    #10 Isabella Marie

    "Adam, Amelia, Carson, Nick, Lilah, David, Jeremiah, Lauren, Maggie, Ava, Ben, & Bella"

  • Paula
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Daniel Theodore Holland

    Melissa Elizabeth Holland

    Theodore George Holland

    Nicholas Henry Holland

    Mackenzie Mae Holland

    Jackson Cooper Holland

    Drew Camden Holland

    Serena Rae Holland

    Ruth Hazel Holland

    Molly Brooklyn Holland

    Elliot Jeffrey Holland

    Elizabeth Kennedy Holland

  • ?
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    Blake Oliver Bradley

    Arabella Marie Bradley

    Theodore Carson Bradley

    Ryan Henry Bradley

    Delilah Reese Bradley

    Harrison Cooper Bradley

    Logan Dean Bradley

    Mikayla Sage Bradley

    Ruth Lillian Bradley

    Belle Meredith Bradley

    Ryland Sean Bradley

    Elizabeth Marie Bradley

  • 6 years ago

    The Bradley Family:

    Michael Oliver Bradley

    Melissa Marie Bradley

    Daniel Carson Bradley

    Tyler Clayton Bradley

    Mackenzie Reese Bradley

    Brendon-Lee Bradley

    Joshua Noah Bradley

    Lauren Rae Bradley

    Laura-Jayne Bradley

    Ava Nicole Bradey

    Ryland-Scott Bradley

    Autumn-Marie Bradler

  • !!
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    Daniel Oliver Bradley

    Denise Alana Bradley

    Theodore Carson Bradley

    Isaiah Joel Bradley

    Delilah Mae Bradley

    Timothy Lee Bradley

    Jeremiah Dean Bradley

    Mikayla Adriane Bradley

    Laura Anne Bradley

    Belle Rose Bradley

    Anthony Maxwell Bradley

    Autumn Denise Bradley

  • ?
    Lv 4
    6 years ago

    Adam Oliver Moore

    Amelia Marie Moore

    Michael Asher Moore

    Nicholas Ben Moore

    Delilah Mae Moore

    Timothy Phillip Moore

    Jeremiah Isaac Moore

    Alyssa Rae Moore

    Clara Hazel Moore

    Ava Grace Moore

    Elliot Maxwell Moore

    Isabella Marie Moore

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