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Tacoma 2010 pre runner sr5 v6 no trd package?

I was thinking of purchasing this Tacoma and was wondering your thoughts ?

I also noticed the truck didn't have alloy instead it had like plastic cover looking rims with the hub caps was wondering if I purchased the Tacoma how much would it be to change the time to Toyota genuine alloy time

Pros and cons

Or should I spend more money on a Tacoma equipped with trd package ?

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  • Eric P
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    I would certainly buy a Prerunner without the TRD package, if I didn't need a 4wd truck. The most notable feature of the TRD off-road package is the locking rear differential, which isn't usually needed, depending on where you go. A differential locker can always be added later if you decide you really need one.

    I'm curious about the wheels you're describing. The Prerunner came with either steel or aluminum wheels. The steel wheels are 16" and have a plastic center cap. The aluminum wheels came in either 16" or 17". It's very easy to swap wheels. I prefer steel wheels to aluminum wheels--I prefer the look, and they are generally more durable. Wheels are commonly available on Craigslist or other sites.

    This is what the original steel wheels with center caps look like:

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    • Troy4 years agoReport

      Thank Eric for the response . Eric do you have a pic for the original oem aluminum wheels for a 2010 Tacoma ? And also I was wondering if I could put any Toyota oem wheels from 2011-2014 on my 2010? It wouldn't affect my vehicle in any way right

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