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Why do Inner City African Americans limit their vocabulary to the phrase ****** [N-Word]?

Ever watch an Inner City African American Youtube user or actually spoken to one, for some reason ****** is their favorite word in the vocab.

Why do Inner City African Americans limit their vocabulary to the N-word? Isn't about time we stop using ****** as a crutch and begin speaking properly like everyone else? Or would that not be 'Black Enough'.

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    "begin speaking properly like everyone else? Or would that not be 'Black Enough"

    Culture is not racial. Inner city culture says that people with dark enough skin can use the n word and it's "okay" but I've never heard anyone else of any race use such slurs.

    A small minority of the minority believes it's some kind of intimidation tactic , another contingent believes it's a declaration of independence to talk funny. I was working in a call center where everyone was from Jamaica. They purposely used as much slang as possible just to show people they were a cohesive clan.

    It wouldn't have bothered me, but they didn't teach anyone else any of the slang and used it to exclude people. It didn't get them anywhere. The bosses, even the black ones didn't behave exclusively.

    Bad language use, especially when used to make others feel bad, is a sure way to the bottom of any organization.

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    First off, it is not just inner city kids and not just blacks. You have people all over the world form all diffrent races who use this term as some sort of street term of endearment. Why do they do it? Because they are ignorant. Now about you. Why do you worry about such a thing? If you truly want to educate yourself and expand your horizons then why do you dwell on ignorance? These are the questions you should be asking yourself if you dont want to be just another you know what.

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    Please white men just shut the fck up. No one cares what you have to say anymore.

    The world is changing and you're a waste of time. You are growing more and more powerless. And your condescending ways are extremely annoying. No one likes that sht.

    Stop trying to police and control everything everyone else does or says in the world.

    Just crawl into a hole and die. Thank you for reading.

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    First I'm black and Muslim and I'm following my religion that it's telling me not to curse I mean not all black people curse they're are a lot of black people who I met are so polite

    Btw even white people curse no one is perfect right?

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    i find ebonics to be a real turn off with the black americans.

    The woman used in motherof ethan&zoey pic is actually quite pretty,whoever she is

    but i would hate to hear the ebonics come out,it's a bad,bad look,& why black Americans are not liked,amongst other reasons of course.

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    You're ignorant.

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    is this suppose to be racist ?

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