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Are black people embarrassed that the first black pres is in the top 3 worst of all time?

Almost every country is calling his Iran deal a blunder of truly historic proportions and Assad is even saying that Iran totally outmaneuvered our pres. He has become a complete embarrassment even the democrats don't agree with his deal


So you people think they will not be developing nukes over the next ten years using all the money from the lift in sanctions to beef their military to prepare for war with the US? What kind of fantasy world do you live in? War now or war later when they have nukes, a 5 year old can make the right decision in this case.

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    China, Russia, Germany , France and Britain all think it's a good deal , they all worked on it along with the US , and they have all signed it. It's not perfect but it's better than no deal.

    Iran could have had the bomb within months without a deal to stop it from happening.

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    Were I a black person, I think I'd say that Obama is as much white as he black and take no ownership in the issue.

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    Obama is one of our most popular presidents ever, both nationally and internationally. Please turn off Fox FAKE News OK?

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    some are

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