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Why do you think the music industry is not as good as it used to be for the past decade?

Why isn't music or mainstream music not good anymore? Why don't people buy albums anymore?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Way less people buy music nowadays because it's become so easy to illegally download music for free on the internet. This means that the artists make so much less money and often smaller, young bands have to keep their day jobs in order to afford being in a band, touring, making records, buying equipment, making merchandise, hiring managers, etc. Unless you have a lot of money it's become almost impossible to make it in the music world. That's why all the big labels with a lot of money are basically running the industry - the artists they sign are the ones who do well because they are able to pump so much money into producing them into something they know the general public will love - the same old thing basically. And this just makes it harder and harder for smaller independent artists and labels to get in the game because it's just overrun with the same old over-produced stuff that isn't really progressing. There's just not much to mainstream music anymore, there's no thought or great songwriting in it anymore, let alone any proper instruments.

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  • 5 years ago

    Because most the music are pretty much all the same. It's mostly about drugs, sex, exes, love etc

    more Artists are using auto tone and lipsyncing , use writers to do the work for them . Anyone can be a singer these days with auto tone and good looks.

    It's more about what sells to the audience then good music. Teenagers really only care for music if the artist is good looking or a catchy song.

    Even some talented artists are using auto tone too when they don't need too.

    more Artists are using sex to sell because that's what sells.

    If a singer was not that good looking but had a good voice they really wouldn't be that known because sadly today's society care more about looks than talent. Alot of people don't like Susan Boyle because of how she looks and she has a great voice.

    Not many buy albums because of the world of the internet with digital music with itunes or illegal downloading

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  • Every generation has its own music which they think is good and the previous generation doesn't understand. Exclusivity is part of being young. It's also a good ploy to shift the merchandise.

    The way people buy music is changing. You buy tracks and download them. An album usually includes tracks that you don't particularly want to listen to, so they're less popular than when you had no choice.

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