What are the most common injuries in a car crash?

I need some help with a story I am writing. The story is in a snowy area and there are a few characters in a car driving on the left side lane in an intersection. They stop at a red light and when it turns green, they drive off, only to be stopped again by a semi truck. The car flips over a few times and with the knowledge i know already, the car hits the side of the car more so in the from then the back (where the main characters are). The person in the passenger seat dies on impact, the two main characters are in the back two seats.

Since they are both main characters I want to know some specific injuries you would get in a massive car wreck. If so, describe the injuries on the character that gets the impact first, because that character gets more hurt than the other on the opposite side.

By any chance: Could you also tell me a way a truck would've ran a stop light and hit a car? These are the only parts in my story where I have stuff missing

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    1. The obvious is broken bones. The character nearest the impact would likely have broken bones down that entire side of their body (the side that the truck hit). At the very least they'd have a broken arm or two from trying to shield themselves.

    2. Internal bleeding. Forceful impact can make our internal organs and blood vessels rupture, causing bleeding. This is extremely dangerous as it can only be spotted under a scan. It's how many people in car accidents end up dying, in fact, because doctors couldn't find and/or stem the bleeding in time.

    3. The blunt force trauma that causes internal bleeding can also cause organ rupture and collapse. If someone's rib gets broken, that rib can then puncture their lung and cause it to collapse. While not immediately fatal, it would be extremely difficult for them to breathe.

    4. Whiplash. When a car is suddenly stopped, the g-forces make your head swing forward (or to the side) and snap back. This will cause generalised neck pain and swelling, and most sufferers will need to wear a neck brace.

    5. Concussion. During a collision, it's extremely common for people (especially those in the front seats) to hit their heads on steering wheels, dashboards, windscreens, etc. Concussion can cause dizziness, confusion, and vomiting.

    6. Herniated disks. This happens when there's any damage to the spinal cord. It won't cause paralysis, but it will cause muscle weakness, arm and leg pain, and numbness.

    The truck could've run the stop sign for a number of reasons, negligence being the main one. Maybe he got a phone call, and while he was looking in the passenger seat for his mobile he didn't realise he was running a red light. Maybe the truck driver was an alcoholic, and was driving under the influence.

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    I assume it happened in a town because there is a traffic light. That might mean that the semi was moving at the legal speed of 30 mph 50 kph or that he was recklessly speeding or heedless when coming off the freeway off ramp.

    Snow or night blindness causing him not to see the light?

    Sleepy from too many hours driving?

    Talking on the cell phone or too into the radio?

    Brake failure? Other failure? Some places don't service their trucks well.

    The semi was going downhill?

    As to injuries, the car was side ended, right? On the front passenger side? It rolled over, so they would have been thrown about if they were not wearing seat belts. Concussion. Soft tissue bruising. Torn organs.

    If the car was struck on the front passenger side and it was in the left lane, was there a vehicle between it and the semi? That vehicle would have got it worse.

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    well I assume there would be broken bones(like ribs), some internal injuries, internal bleeding, and scratches here and there, and one of the main characters could hit themselves in the head causing him/her to fall into a coma (if it works for your story) For your second question: the truck driver could have dropped something on the floor, had a heart attack, or fainted,... I hope I helped

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    What if the driver of the semi turns out to be a creep and takes the lightly Injured people home to rape and experiment on them

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