Would I get arrested for stalking in this purpose? What qualifies stalking?

Okay guys, real question here... Hypothetically speaking... If I lived near a big time athlete or celebrity's house and I know there address, what would happen if let's say, I would drive around their neighborhood, and wait for them to come out. Let me clarify. This athlete is very young, and during the offseason, he lives in a small house that he grew up in with his family, so I wouldn't be driving around mansions and everything like that. What would happen? Like for example, I see the athlete's mother or father come out of the house, and I roll down my window and ask if the athlete is home... This may sound very stupid and immature, but I never knew what defines stalking and if it would be a crime. All I really would do is wait for them to come outside (in the offseason, when the season is over, that way I know the athlete is probably home with his family on vacation.) What really would happen? If I ask for a picture or an autograph or something? Also, some athletes' family in my neighborhood, (parents specifically), have left their address and phone number on the Yellow Pages website. What would happen if I just called to ask? Serious question... Jail time? Would I be sued/fined? And how much? Thanks

1 Answer

  • 5 years ago

    It is not stalking until they tell you to leave them alone and you don't listen.

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