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How can I get the logic board fixed on my MacBook for cheap?

Where is the best/cheaper option to replace a logic board for Macbook Pro? Recently my MacBook Pro stopped switching on

I went to bestbuy's geeksquad twice & they confirmed that the logic board failed and it has to be replaced. It would cost me the price of a New MacBook Pro to replace it. I bought the MacBook Pro on August 2013 and I don't have a warranty.

I did not expect this from an Apple product, which are touted so much for their quality.

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    When it comes to laptops, apple parts are proprietary, and hence, expensive. You can try taking it to an Apple store and see if they might cover at least part of the repair. But the price of the logic board is going to be about the same no matter where you take it.

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    get a pc

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