HELP! any ideas how i can come up with a down payment for a house fast?


i really need some advice to come up with a down payment for a house. The bank wont approve us unless we have 20% down so we are looking at like a $12,000 down payment. we both work .I also attend college and would like to have a home to foster kids in. however its hard to save up that much money when you have rent and bills. Also first time home buyers doesn't have any funding s and hasn t had any for about 2 years.I have been trying to sell all the stuff i don't use. any other tips ?

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  • n2mama
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    4 years ago

    There isn't really any way to come up with that kind of money quickly, unless perhaps you have a rich relative who is about to die and give you a big inheritance. If you've cut your spending down to the bone and taken on second jobs, you should be able to put aside a pretty good chunk of change. But there isn't any quick way to make thousands of dollars. I guess you could look at egg donation, that is a pretty lucrative thing to do as I understand it, but then you have to accept you will have children running around out there that have your DNA.

  • 4 years ago

    Second jobs for both of you. You don't need to buy a home to be foster parents. You can also look at FHA loans that are only 3.5% down or if one of you is a veteran a VA loan. You say you have rent and bills try paying off some bills and canceling services like TV or cell phones and get prepaid cell.

  • 4 years ago

    rob a bank?

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