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Nutrition for running? (Vegan)?

18, male, 5 foot 9, 130 pounds, I've started running recently, want to be lean and have some definition on my legs. I want to be sure Im getting the proper nutrition in for my body. So, all in all, looking for vegan nutrition that would support that. Much appreciated =)

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    I think its a fair guess that you are sort of skinny. So you might want to make sure you don't lose too much more weight.

    Being a skinny running vegan is almost perfect for getting proper nutrition. Vegan food is not that high in percentage of protein, so to make up for that, you have to eat larger quanities of food. Running is a good way to burn off those extra calories and then body can use the protein you eat for maintenance and development.

    One way of accomplishing this is to just to make sure you eat a wide variety of whole plant foods (veggies and fruit). But also make sure you get plenty of protein in foods like whole grains (pasta, bread) , soy beans (tofu, soy milk,) beans ( burritos, chili, ), seeds and nuts.

    Another way is the more scientific, mathamatical, and tedious way. Take your body weight, or what you hope to weigh, and multiply by .4. that's the number of grams you need to eat each day. Then you can use something like SparkPeople to plan out a weekly meal plan that meets all your MRDAs. After a while you will get the gist of things and you won't need to do the math all the time.

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  • 5 years ago

    Overall, just make sure you're eating enough. Stay away from vegan junk food and stick to whole fruits, veggies, grains, and beans. All the nutrition's there. If you want calorie dense foods peanut butter or hummus are both great. Best of luck :)

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  • 5 years ago

    Grains pulses and vegetable. Enjoy potatoes as they can be cooked in an healthy manner other than mashed.

    The main thing to watch out for are all of the gravies and sauces added to foods as they tend to be high in fats, sugars and salt.

    One of my staples is barley as both savoury dishes or sweet like a pudding


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  • 5 years ago

    5'9 130lbs!! That's too small. I'm 5'9 200lbs

    I respect being vegetarian, I'm vegetarian, well 90% of my diet is fruits/veggies/nuts/beans.. I do eat yogurt. I eat fish once in a while..

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