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What is the history behind the confederate flag?

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    The one being discussed so much now was one of several flags used for various purposes by a treasonous rebellion against the United States in the 1860s. The rebels wanted to preserve the institution of slavery.

    After the slaveholding traitors lost the war against the U.S., the flag was used by many racist terrorist groups who murdered, raped, and intimidated black Americans. Most recently it was used by the terrorist who shot 9 people in the church in Charleston.

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      I wish those not of the South could understand that most Southerners do not view the flag to be racial at all.

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    It is much too long to post here!

    This is about the best article on the subject I have found to date on the internet:

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    A very good primer. I fly the Bonnie Blue, have it embroidered on my shirts (some anyway) and have a vanity plate of it.

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