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How can I change the settings when I save a screen shot.?

When using Windows 8.1, I press and hold CTRL+PRNT/SCR and a link is sent to my Drop Box. I'd like to be able to copy the image into my clipboard and paste it onto Paint.

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    Two Ways.

    Just hit Print Screen Key

    Then open Paint and paste it.


    Windows 7 and 8 both have the Snipping Tool. Just search for it and PIN it to the Task Bar. (right click)

    The Snipping tool works like a camera. you draw a box around the item you want and release the mouse and a window opens with the snap shot. you save it where you want then you can open it in Paint.

    It is saved as a PNG or JPG - your choice.

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    I have tried to paste a screen shot into paste but the image remains white and when I try to close it, I'm prompted to save my screen shot ??? I used to do just that and preferred using Paint that way but now I have a link going to my Drop Box with the whole page that I need to edit but I'd rather not have 2 copies of the same thing.

    I'm thinking it might be a Drop Box issue that I need to change

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    Have you looked at the Edit Menu in Paint to see that it doesn't have the option to paste darkened so you can use it?


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