Is it possible to have another person (he does it remotely) and i use my computer while hes in a different state simultaneously?

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    6 years ago
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    Yes it is... there is 100's of ways to do one thing with a computer.

    Most "IT Professionals" here never heard or used x11 connections...

    x11 is basically the heart and soul of GUI (the thing that lets you see and act with our computer environment.. Screen, Keyboard & Mouse)

    Yes this is very possible and free if you know anything about x11 programing and configurations...

    On Unix the term is called x11

    On windows the term is called X-Windows

    Its a way of having multiple users at once on the same terminal... also called Terminal Services.

    Companies pay a lot of money for these Services but it can all be done free using free RDP software... or basically all you need is a Terminal also called a Command Line and it can run a whole computer.

    If you want to learn:

    If you create different users on one system... then yes possible to log into same system... under different Terminal "User" at same time through x11 programing.

    BUT PLEASE NOTE: Controlling two system at once pushes that computer to the limit if not configured for multiuser sessions.

    RAM gets used twice


    GPU (because every action still takes place on that system... even if no monitor is connected... electricity wont go to monitor... but GPU will still process data)

    all Physical aspects of that "server" will get used as many sessions as it holds.

    This is why you need to a Server hardware of Multiple Processors.... 16 RAM slots and cooling

    I hope not too much for you to understand... but yes its possible if you know how to configure a computer... or willing to install extra software to help complete the task... its not too easy and is a very BIG security Flaw if you don't have the security in place... as someone can now hack into users and you wont even know it.

    Google on to find out more... "turn windows into terminal server"

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    6 years ago

    It is possible on multiuser operating systems. I don't know if windows (other than their server editions) can emulate a multi-user system.

    Try remote destoping from your own screen to your own PC. If it works it's possible if it doesn't it's not.

    Perhaps less mind numbing if you play a movie on your desktop and remote desktop in over your wireless to run another movie on your laptop.

    UPDATE: Are you looking for a chat application?

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    6 years ago

    Generally, unless you have special software, the (Hacker) or friend takes total control of your machine, while (s)he is in it you cannot use it. Hackers have a way of using a worm to run some features without you knowing.

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    6 years ago

    only on a multiuser system operating system. windows can be configured to do it or use the server edition for the operating system you want to use.

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