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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 5 years ago

how old was marry and joseph at bethleham?

Many ideas over the years have sprung up on this subject how old was Mary and Joseph when the journeyed to betheham?

Can you spot the detail right in the bible that gives away the couples minimum age at the time?

Its in there!

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  • 5 years ago
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    1. Born Wednesday, August 21, 7B.C. Mary 17; Joseph 22.

    2. Returned from Egypt at 2.5 years old after Herod died 4B.C.

    3. Entered Manhood - Bar-mizpah 13 years old 21August,7 A.D.

    4. Age 14.5, Father, Joseph died from fall while building young Herod's Capitol.

    5. Baptized at noon Monday, January 14, 26A.D.

    6. Official Ministry started at 33 years old middle of 26 A.D.

    7. Died at 36.5 years old Friday, 7April30 A.D.

    8. Re-appeared in Christ body Sunday, 9April30A.D.

    Jesus(oldest), James, Joseph, Simon, Judas(jude), Amos died at a young age.

    Sisters: Miriam, Martha, and Ruth.

    Mary's sister Salome was mother of James and John zebedee, Jesus' 1st cousins.

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      I'm giving you best because you at least did some research now add tax day to that list unus registra . Mary and Joseph's first time paying the tax... Age 18 as required by law.

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  • 5 years ago

    there are many people that believe the story of joseph and mary is a romantic story of Love and faith. however, i have found a book that says Joseph was a "very old man" and since most people believe the average age of mankind (back then) was 35 to 40, it would seem very old if someone lived to be 60.

    there are other facts however, that says something else. Jesus is known to have older brothers and sisters. and younger siblings as well. his older brothers were of course half brothers. so this says that Joseph had a previous wife and possibly was a widower. one of the nativity stories says that when the miracle of the birth of the messiah was about to happen, they called all the "virgins" together to get them married. and every eligible male had to bring forth a piece of wood, and by the sign of a blossom the man with such a rod that bloomed a flower would be the ONE to marry. but joseph declined thinking that he was not elligible. as i remember it, none of the men had a rod that bloomed. and when they found joseph and said he was eligible, when he offered his piece of wood, it did bloom. He thought he was not eligible because he had already been married and widowed. aiui. i think joseph was not younger than 60. because he had been married and had other children.

    it is common among men that Mother Mary was 13 or 14 when betrothed. she was sequestered in the temple and protected by the angel. according to the story. if jesus was 33 when he died, and she was no less than 15 when jesus was born, that would make Mary 48 or 50 when another book says she died 2 years after jesus. but most people believe she was under age 16. i once heard a doctor say that age 14 is a physical age where women can give birth.

    i dont know about anything as i hear contradictions in everything, if its true, there will always be a liar somewhere debunking everything with an alternate theory. or invented lie. another possible age of the death of jesus would be 40, according to glenn kimbal, historian, and others, R.i.P. if jesus died at 40 ! that would make mother mary at least 55 to 57. if Joseph was already an old man he might have been in his 80's if he had lived to see the resurrection.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Since nobody here has read the bible account none of you know the answer Mary and Joseph were both headed to their onus registrata.

    Or in plain English their first time paying the registration tax.

    Now if you don't have any logic I will supply it!

    Roman and Jewish tax begins at age 18 the word unus in the original text plainly tell us marry and Joseph both had just turned tax age 18!

    Now you know! Thank you for trying!!!

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    marry was 13 and Joseph was in his 90's

    Source(s): bible
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