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Does state of Georgia sucks? There is nothing to do in Georgia. I see a lot of black people and everyone lives like trash.?

No sidewalks to town. Everyone is rude.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Yes Georgia sucks. I was born here and I hate this state. Georgia is a historical place that should be visited. Never lived in. The government sucks and if your not very wealthy and get ill you will most likely die, because like I said the government sucks here. A lot of people are not well educated. Most of the younger people are and leave as soon as they get there high school done. There is a lot of successful people that live here, but they let the power go to there heads and become tyrants and that's where the government corruption comes from. If your not a politician, lawyer, judge, cop, business man or let's just sum it up as good old boys then your ******! My family is tied in with the good old boys of this county I reside in, so my life is fine, but I want more out of life. As for all the blacks yeah They run the government around my area and people are very trashy out my way aswell. It comes with being a Georgian sadly :/ hope I answered your questions fully.

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