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Hi Lucy,

請見附件是PO 211 的Invoice, 另請知悉從這個PO開始請將貨款匯入我司新的銀行帳戶, 新帳戶資料如下, 謝謝

以上請幫忙翻譯成商用英文, 謝謝!




你們的系統上顯示是要出給B客人, 若已確認以下兩個PO是要出給A客人, 請修正並更新你們的訂單系統


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    Dear Xxxx,

    Attached is our invoice for shipment PO 211. Please be advised that

    from this PO onward, all your payments shall be wired to our new

    banking account specified below:

    Bank: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Address: xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Swift Code: XXXXXXXX

    Account No.: xxxxxxxxxx

    Beneficiary: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Besides, your system indicates the following two PO's to be shipped

    to BBB, and if you have verified that they should be shipped to AAA,

    please update the customer name on your system accordingly.

    PO 1027 xxxxxxxxx

    PO 1032 xxxxxxxxx

    Thanks and regards,

    Xxxx Xxxx

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    Invoice=make a list of goods sold with the prices charged;Invoice somebody for goods from you to them.

    Hi Lucy,

    Please see annex PO 211 goods Invoice.Please also be informed that starting from this PO no. onward,payment should be made in our new Bank Account with the new bank account information detail as follows:-(xxxxxxx)


    If you invoiced client B as indicated in your system, then your invoiced two clients A (-- ,----) must be confirmed,amended accordingly in your invoice system.


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