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物管客戶服務的日常用語 (英文)




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    When a tenant talks to a security-guard=watchman=ct,Q and A are as follows:-

    (samples only):-

    Q:-Is the building secure against burglars/crime?

    A:-We've tight security measures.We register visitors name,ID cards in an Incident Report Book.

    Q:-Do you guarded the building safely?

    A:-We patrol the building three times a day.Police forces or Our Inspector whose duty it is to help us to protect important people and place here in the building.

    Q:-Do you protect life and property?

    A:-During storm we secure indoor-property;and give out Warnings !!!

    Q:-How about water&electricity supply?

    A:-We send for the workmen to maintain&repair immediately.

    Q:-How about Air-Con. leaking upstairs/noise ?

    A:-We inform the said floor immediately by phoning&posting.

    Q:-Is the lift secure against trap for us owners?

    A:-We'll phone-call Lift-Co.to release you/or Fire-Services Dept.to save you all.

    Q:-How do we pay the management fees to you?

    A:-Please Pay by cheques and put into the Owner-Management office letter box;Okay?

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    Your posting is too vague&too much demands.Haven't the slightest idea what you want---too much unnecessary accessories(=5x5) suggesting uncertainty about your needs from C/E,pl.

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    見到「88」嘅模擬問題, 真係暈得......現實中客戶會問這些問題嗎?

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    A: How are you doing today?

    B: I am fine. Thank You


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