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What is your opinion about the Confederate flag?

All because of ONE man’s actions everyone is up in arms over the confederate flag. Its getting ridiculous. The flag is not racist. It is a symbol of patriots who were willing to die to protect this country. Slavery was never the reason for the war but only an excuse to start one. Also, blacks were the first to slave their own people then sell them to the whites. You don’t hear about that in the history books.

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    The Confederate Flag has been a subject of debate before the Charleston shooting.

    It has been a symbol for racism for a lot of racist groups. However, a lot of people want to keep the flag as a point of pride -- they think changing the flag is tantamount to saying that they are guilty or ashamed of being from the South.

    While they shouldn't have to be ashamed of being from a southern state, the flag no longer means what it meant in Civil War times because a few s***head racists ruined it for the rest of them. It's like the swastika, which also was not originally a malicious symbol but became one through the actions of a significant number of s***heads.

    My own opinion: I think the timing of this, after the shooting, sends a mixed message. On one hand, it's implying that the shooter is not responsible for his actions because the flag somehow brainwashed him into doing it. Even if the flag didn't exist, it seems like he'd still be a troubled, violent scumbag. The flag has very little to do with why he shot innocent people in a church, but unfortunately, it is easier to change a flag than it is to fix all the more complex problems about mental health and inherent violence. Then they can say they "did something" to make the world less violent.

    On the other hand, the flag was long overdue to be changed, and Charleston might just be trying to take a stand and say they will not accept this casual attitude towards fostering hatred between people.

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    I am descended from a Confederate Colonel, and I think of the Confederate flag as a sort of historical artifact of a conflict that marked our nation's history and the history of my family, adding turmoil. I do not personally identify with the Confederate flag, because the cause my mercenary ancestor fought for was unworthy, and is now considered shameful and unjust. If I were the governor of an ex-confederate state, I would ask to have the flag removed from all public property, because it divides along racial lines and makes blacks feel like they are unwelcome or less important that white citizens.

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    The "Confederate Flag" is not the flag of the Confederacy. It would be enough of an issue if it were. It is BASED on two distinct flags that were used in the Confederacy, the Army of Northern Virginia's Battle Flag (similar to the current "Confederate" flag but square in shape) and the Confederate Naval Jack (same dimensions as the "Confederate" flag but different shade of blue used). The details matter when it comes to flags. What we call the "Confederate" flag was created AFTER the Civil War by blending together the Battle Flag and the Confederate Jack. This hybrid flag was created by the KKK to resist the Reconstruction of the South and the granting of rights and economic opportunities to blacks, using violence and terrorism. It had no history in the South before that and does represent any other "southern heritage" than that. The kid who shot up a church didn't choose it as his banner randomly; he was well steeped in its use and implications, and was far more honest about it than the person posting this question. People's capacity to twist and squirm in lies and delusions is endless.

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    If you want to take down the confederate flag lets take down the Washington monument, the Jefferson memorial, and blow up Mt. Rushmore because Washington and Jefferson owned slaves. The confederate flag is our history, southern history and I for one am proud of it. After all, how do you know where you are going if you don't know where you have been?

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    The flag has its place in history, but since the Confederacy no longer exists, the flag is not needed. Each state has their own state flag plus the flag of the United States. No other flag is needed. You don't see the British Union Jack flag flying in public on regular basis, so why the Confederate flag. A person still has the right to personally own a Confederate flag, but to use it on a regular basis in public doesn't represent a unification of the Union.

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    The confederate flag isn't racist it stands for southern pride and states rights and I beleive that it is a sign that our country no matter how bad things get can get through anything

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    If some people dislike the confederate flag then they should not be happy with some of the president's on the US currency today that owned slaves,like JEFFERSON & MADISON!

  • The flag is racist

    1.It has been made a racist symbol by a great number of men, not one.

    2. This is why it was made popular during segregation, as a racist symbol. This is its heritage, a heritage of slavery. Pride in segregation.

    3. Slavery is given as the reason for the war by every state which seceded. Every single one of them. The only "state's rights" they were worried about is the right of a state to allow slavery in all the United States.

    4. So what if blacks sold slaves to white men? Does that somehow mean your ancestors did not keep slaves? Your'e like a rapist who says "Well At least I'm not a pedophile." Yes, you do hear about his in history books. You just don't read history books, preferring to read your race rants directly from racist web sites.

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      His "opinion" is filled with nothing BUT facts.

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    Actually, it is a symbol of racism and treason. You pretend that the Civil War was over "state's rights" but the "right" in question was the right to enslave others. And here's a tidbit you don't know: Irish people were the first slaves to be brought to the "New World" years before the first blacks. So since you don't know your history, how's about you go do your homework?

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    Oh, do shut up, you tiresome, stupid, and hopeless little child.

    You know nothing about history and you can't write your way out of a wet paper bag.

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