The Velvet Underground vs. The Kinks?

Rock & Pop, which band do you prefer, and why? Personally, I think that The Velvet Underground & The Kinks are both great bands, but I prefer The Kinks.

BQ: Which songwriter would you say is better, and why: Lou Reed, or Ray Davies.

BQ2: Would you say that The Kinks were an influence on indie pop?

BQ3: How would you react if Blink-182 covered a song by The Velvet Underground, or The Kinks?

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  • 5 years ago
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    They are both so good, yet so different, it's like comparing apples to oranges really. I'm gonna have to say that this is a tie.

    BQ: Very tough, I think John Cale is a better songwriter than Lou Reed was for The Velvet Underground but I prefer Lou's solo material over Cale's, I don't really know, Ray Davies is just so unorthodox and all his songs are like happy tall tales, I'd probably prefer Ray on most days. Sometimes though I just love to listen to Transformer, which in my opinion demonstrated Lou's songwriting ability the best.

    BQ2: Sure, since they were one of the more popular britpop bands.

    BQ3: I would think it's cool of them to pay respect to that band but I would also be annoyed by seeing oblivious fans not knowing that the song is a cover. Also, "Warning" by Green Day is a rip-off of "Picture Book".

  • Ryan
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    5 years ago

    Of the two, I'd choose The Velvet Underground. I haven't deeply explored either band, but I know more of The Velvet Underground's material, and I think that their debut album is fantastic.

    BQ: Lou Reed (R.I.P.)

    BQ2: Maybe. Although, that answer might not be accurate because I don't know a large amount about indie pop. I know that they had an influence on Britpop, though. Quite crazy how a band can be recognized as progenitors of a genre 30 years before the genre's breakthrough.

    BQ3: Coming from Blink-182, I wouldn't expect it to be very good. I learned that I can't really pre-judge, though. Green Day covered "Like A Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan, and believe it or not, I thought that it was pulled off pretty well.

  • 5 years ago

    I prefer Velvet Underground just cause I've heard more of them. Nothing against the Kinks though, it's good stuff too.

    BQ: Lou Reed because his lyrics/songwriting are INSANE and go everywhere. The Gift? I mean, forget about it.

    BQ2: Yeah, it really depends on the band though, but yeah I guess so.

    BQ3: Don't have much against them, also can't see them covering VE, Kinks maybe. Depends if they did it well, with Skiba in the band now it should sound good. Alkaline Trio was really great back in the turn of the century.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    its so hard to compare a brilliant long career with its inevitable ups and downs, with a brilliant short career that was brilliant for its entirety. if i were to rank their combined catalogs by albums, the top 4 would be vu albums, if i were to rank their combined songs, the top 100 would be about 80% kinks, and yeah the kinks probably have 80+ songs worthy of being talked about and ranked.

    BQ: ray davies...his pop sensibilities give him just more consistently great song writing, whereas lou reed, especially in his solo career, is hit or miss and can miss rather spectacularly sometimes.

    BQ2: yup

    BQ3: about the same as if you told me they had never covered a kinks or VU song. which is to say i have nothing but apathy about that band.

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