Flashing folder with question mark on Macbook Pro?

Every time I start my Macbook, a flashing folder ikon with question mark shows up and nothing else happens. I tried to wait about an hour and it starts to automatically turn of itself. I'm worried of what happens next and I can't send it for repair because I don't have enough money for that and this is also my school computer. Is this a common problem? Is it dangerous? How can I fix this? Should I be worried?


I can't even acces my desktop or any system configuration

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  • 5 years ago
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    You can tell us what you have, if you are really interested in a fix. My answer is for OS version 10.10.

    Flashing question mark alternating with a folder or disk icon: Open Firmware did not find the boot.efi at /System/Library/CoreServices/ (locally or neither locally nor on a network). Several possible causes:

    * NVRAM is corrupt (solution: reset it)

    * Hard drive has data corruption (always repairable, but could involve data loss).

    * Basic system files / folders are renamed, moved, corrupted, or missing (solution: name them back, move them back, reinstall OS X).

    * Hard drive not properly installed (missing or disconnected or bad cable).

    * Hard drive has mechanical or electrical problems (usually not repairable; must replace the drive).

    Since it is hard to know which of these is the cause of your flashing "?", start with the easiest solution and work up to the drastic ones.

    Reset NVRAM by holding four keys during startup: command - option - P - R. Hold these keys until the screen goes off and on twice, or you hear the startup chime music tone twice. Don't over do it. In this case, more is not better – two flashes or chimes is the perfect number, four is too many.

    For OS 10.7 or later…

    – Restart while holding the command and R keys for 45 seconds.

    – Open Disk Utility.

    – Select the startup volume (such as “Macintosh HD”) at the left frame.

    Is the hard drive icon shown at the left?

    – “No.” Solution: Replace the hard drive.

    – “Yes.” Select the startup volume (such as “Macintosh HD”) at the left frame, select the "First Aid" tab, and click "Repair Disk".

    Does it find problems?

    – “Yes.” Solution: Repair again. When it says "...appears to be OK", quit Disk Utility and restart.

    – “No.” (or Yes but after repair and restart, still flashing"?") Quit Disk Utility and reinstall OS X.


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  • 5 years ago

    It crashed. Go to the link below and follow the instructions to attempt a reboot


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